11th December 2019

3 Simple Home Remedies for Dark Spots

Are you started to notice dark spots appearing on your face? Throughout our lives, it is common for dark spots to appear on your skin, particularly on your face. Just because its natural doesn't mean that you have to accept it! But knowing exactly how to tackle it is another matter. We are here to help. Read on for three of the best home remedies for dark spots.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great home remedy. You probably have some in your kitchen, but if not it is easily obtainable and inexpensive.

To prepare your apple cider vinegar, mix it with equal parts water. This is best done in a small container so you don't waste all your vinegar. Using a cotton swab, apply the mixture over all of your dark spots. Wait until the mixture has dried, or for three minutes, whichever comes first.

Be sure to wash the area with water to avoid skin irritation. Repeat this twice a day until you see improvement

Apple cider vinegar is good for your skin as it contains polyphenols, which are beneficial for your skin. People have found that apple cider vinegar is beneficial for other skin issues as well as pigmentation.

2. Lemon

If you didn't have any apple cider vinegar, then you'll definitely have a lemon somewhere!

Lemon is a powerful bleaching agent, which gives it great skin lightening properties. It is used as the active ingredient in many skin lightening products, such as Lucederm and Skin Bright.

To prepare your lemon, add some water to the lemon juice, and then mix it with a teaspoon of organic honey. Apply this to your dark spots, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Be sure to wash it off with warm water once you are done.

Some people react to lemon, so make sure to do a patch test before you apply it to your face.

3. Sandalwood Oil

Although you may not have sandalwood oil at home, it is a readily available essential oil. Sandalwood contains alpha-santalol, which has been proven to inhibit tyrosinase production and reduce the effects of UV pigmentation.

To prepare sandalwood oil, simply mix three drops of oil with your preferred carrier oil, and apply the mixtures to your dark spots. Make sure to do this once a day.

Although it is a powerful oil, you are unlikely to suffer any skin irritation unless you are allergic or have oversensitive skin. Although sandalwood is very effective, you may want to consider medical treatments such as a skin peel - especially if you want faster results.

The Best Remedies for Dark Spots

All of these home remedies for dark spots can help to re-lighten your skin and create a more uniform skin tone. They are all readily available, and you probably have one or two in your home already.

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