3rd December 2019

5 Preparation Tips for Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

We do our best to wash, cleanse, and wave all the little places on our face and body. Sometimes you have to bring out the bigger guns.

If you decide to undergo an upper lip laser hair removal procedure, you should understand what you are getting in to. There are a few items you need to remember before that first appointment.

They are all simple ideas that may get forgotten, so we made a convenient list of them for you to remember.

The Checklist Before Your Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal of any kind doesn't need to be a drastic endeavour. It is a short and easy process, but it is not without its specific requirements. You can't show up and expect everything to work out.

These 5 items are your best bet to making sure your upper lip laser hair removal goes as perfect as possible.

1. Avoid Sun Exposure

Excessive tanning and sun exposure is bad for your skin. It can increase your risk for skin cancer and ruin your smooth and beautiful skin.

Sun exposure can also make laser hair removal harder to do. The tightened and damaged pores are harder to penetrate with the laser. With enough damage to your skin, laser hair removal can be fruitless.

If you need to stay out in the sun, use a good amount of sunscreen.

2. Do Not Pluck or Wax

There are a lot of other, more temporary ways to remove unwanted hair. The problem is, they do not mix well.

For laser hair removal to work, it needs to access your hair follicles. Waxing and plucking, among the other methods, dig out too much of the follicle.

Keep a wide space of about 4 weeks from your last waxing or plucking to your laser hair removal appointment.

3. Shave As Thoroughly As Possible

On the other end of the spectrum, shaving is a recommended practice before your laser hair removal appointment.

Because it does not remove the follicle, it will not interfere with laser hair removal. As well, getting the surface hair out of the way makes it easier for the laser to penetrate the follicle.

4. Refrain From Blood Thinners

Blood thinners can have a variety of uncertain effects regarding laser hair removal. The biggest one is the potential to inflame the skin around the area.

Many people don't realize that they may take blood thinners more often than they know. Aspirin and Ibuprofen are both common blood thinners.

Talk to your doctor if need be and refrain from taking these medications for at least a few days before your appointment.

5. Find the Right Doctor For You

Knowing how to prepare for the appointment is the first good step. The second is having a good appointment to get to in the first place.

A solid doctor can be worth their weight in gold, giving you the confidence you need to get through the procedure. The Dr. Aesthetica cosmetic beauty clinic has a wide range of professionals and service providers here to help you out.

Feel Right in Your Skin

With the right precautions and a great doctor, you are ready to take on your upper lip laser hair removal! Soon you'll have one item on your beauty checklist you won't have to worry about.

Once you are ready to dive in, we can get you started. You should book your appointments in advance. Click here or call us to book now!

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