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We want to empower everyone who walks through our clinic doors, to be able to look in the mirror and see a happier, brighter version of themselves.

Being a Medical Clinic, we value knowing our patients… knowing you!

When it comes to aesthetics, we’re human too. We have insecurities and hang-ups too. So, we know and understand how you may be feeling and thinking.

For everyone that walks through our clinic doors, you may think you are alone, but you are not. Our patients all have a different story to tell but are come from a similar place.

We hear stories of our patients being emotionally or physically bullied, to not feeling confident in themselves, or to having a feeling of inadequacy. Let us help you, like the hundreds of patients before you, to feel like the best version of you.

We value understanding you better, so walk through our doors and tell us your story… and let us turn it into one of happiness, confidence and empowerment. Because why would you have it any other way!?

Cheryl Burkinshaw
Cheryl Burkinshaw
I was very pleased with the results of my treatment; the staff were very helpful and caring. I would recommend Dr. Aesthetica medical aesthetic clinic.
Helen Bush
Helen Bush
Best Botox & Filler in Birmingham! Hands Down! I just moved here from Wolverhampton and have had a hard time finding a good dermal filler injector. I am so happy I found Dr Aesthetica. They are amazing. Dr Farmah is very professional and very talented. He answered all of my questions and made me feel very assured and comfortable. The price is right, and an amazing value for the quality of the work and experience. I can't imagine anyone ever having a bad experience here. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a botox & filler injector.
Brittany Wells
Brittany Wells
This was my first time at Dr Aesthetica Medical Aesthetic Clinic and I made an appointment for lip filler. Dr Farmah understood exactly how I wanted my Lip augmentation to look as I was worried about the treatment being too obvious. I am an older woman and wanted a very subtle effect. I am super-pleased with the result. The Injectable filler was not painful as I initially thought it would be either.The Aesthetic Clinic is very nice and clean and I loved the small details like the little ice pack he gave me when I left for the initial swelling (inevitable but minimal). I also liked that he gave me no pressure to take other more expensive treatments and his recommendations were exactly what I needed. The prices are very reasonable. I would have no hesitation in returning next time I am in the Birmingham area. Thank you!
Esme Crutchley
Esme Crutchley
Dr Farmah is fantastic. Given his psychology background, he is especially good with squeamish wimps like me. He put me at ease and looked after me. I would definitely go back and thoroughly recommend him.
Adam Melekh
Adam Melekh
Excellent customer service from all staff members - Very friendly! The doctor who did my treatment was very thorough with information provided and did an excellent job!
Aisha Khan
Aisha Khan
I’m so so happy with my transformation! Went to get my tear trough top up after over a year as my last tear trough by Dr Farmah lasted me so long, but Dr Baldeep Farmah suggested a cheek and tear trough filler this time based on consultation. I was a little apprehensive at first as I wanted something natural but honestly was the best decision ever! Transformation was so quick and instant results! The most natural look making me look youthful! Given me instant confidence, and more confident makeup free days! :) Thank you Dr Farmah, you always do the best job and best attention to detail and love your honesty! Would 100% recommend!!
Patriciat3 Paynter 9,
Patriciat3 Paynter 9,
I had a great experience there. Staff were friendly and welcoming. It made me feel relaxed when I felt genuinely anxious about receiving a treatment. Dr Aesthetica explained everything really clearly to me, putting my mind at ease. I had a tear trough filler and it took 10 years off me. I was very pleased with the end results. Would highly recommend their service! Patricia

Our Values

At Dr Aesthetica, we want all our patients to feel happier, confident and empowered.

Our aim is to be the leading Aesthetic Clinic in solving our patients’ aesthetic concerns with non-surgical interventions, naturally enhancing your features without the worry of having painful and costly surgery.

We value the things that are important to help us get you there:

Training & Knowledge

Our team undergo regular training to ensure that we have the best, up-to-date knowledge to help you. We know that making these choices are hard so we want to help you in the best and right way for you with your best interests at heart.


Education is Key! Educating you on treatments and services so that you can make an informed decision, based on facts and not fiction.

Honest & Transparent

It’s important to us that we only do what is right for you and not because you think that’s what you need or want on a whim. Sometimes, we will make the decision to say ‘No’ to you if we deem that it is not in your best interest. Why? Because, we care for our patients and having this basis for a relationship is key. You are an individual so what might look great on someone else might not necessarily look great on you.

Medically Led

Patient Safety is of the upmost importance which is why we feel that it is absolutely necessary to be Medically-Led in all services. We research a lot so you don’t have to do the hard work in finding what or how our services are safe for you. That’s our job. And this is the only way to ensure that you are receiving safe, high-quality, medical aesthetic care.

Natural Results

We know how important it is for our patients to look natural. Fake results can not only look extremely odd but can do long-term damage. When our patients have natural results tailored to them, we know that they not only look fresher and brighter but feel younger and rejuvenated.

Happiness Driven

Seeing you happy is what makes us tick. For us, it’s not a job, it’s a passion


We really care about our patients. We want to be there with you on your journey from the start and help you transform into the happier, confident and empowered version of you.

Our Awards

Our Team

Dr Baldeep Farmah - Medical Director

Dr Baldeep Farmah is the Medical Director of medical aesthetic clinic Dr Aesthetica. His finely honed aesthetics skills are uniquely combined with years of experience as a psychiatric consultant to encourage a more holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. He specialises in offering patients natural-looking results that leaves a positive impact on their mental & emotional wellbeing.

I hear how important it is to my patients to look natural.  Fake results can not only look extremely odd but can do long-term damage - both mentally and physically. When our patients have natural results tailored to them, we know that they not only look fresher and brighter but feel younger and rejuvenated.

My patients tell me how important it is for them to have a Medic as an injector.  I have seen a lot of complications from external, non-medical injectors which have tragically increased year on year.  Hence, my prospective patients are wanting to see Medical Professionals, such as myself, for their own peace of mind and comfortability.

Being a Medical Doctor, specialising as Consultant Psychiatrist, goes hand in hand with Aesthetics. My patients often have deep rooted fears, trauma and lack confidence when looking in the mirror. As a Psychiatrist, I will work with you to identify your concerns and take a holistic approach in to your treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

I often get asked which is my favourite treatment on offer here at Dr Aesthetica. But the truth is I love all our treatments and services.

It's not a one-fits-all and every service has an individual purpose. For example, botulinum toxin can help relieve symptoms of bruxism in the jaw such as excruciating lock-jaw, painful clenching and achy tense jaw.

Every patient is an individual jigsaw puzzle, no pieces are the same. I love helping to solve concerns and put all the right pieces in place each and every time.

Random Fact - I am a certified PADI Scuba Diver!

Kiran - Clinic Manager & Skincare Specialist

I have been Clinic Manager since Dr Aesthetica was born and became the Advanced Skin Specialist in 2019.

After my own disheartening experiences with Severe Cystic Acne from the age of 14 and with consequential struggles with “bad skin”, my ethos has always been to put our patients first.  It was a very lonely time for me which affected my self-esteem.
My aim is to help those that are struggling with their skin by offering treatment, education and support.  Something which I never received myself from other professionals. Whether it's acne, scars, pitting, pigmentation, PIH, melasma, PCOS, rosacea, ageing skin... I am here to help.

I love the feeling of knowing that I have helped a patient achieve their personal skincare goals. Whether it's rectifying skin concerns like acne and rosacea, or simply helping a patient have a better home skincare routine, being part of that journey with fantastic results puts a smile on my face.

Random Fact – I am a bit of a foodie!

Stephanie New - Skincare Therapist

I’m the Skincare Therapist here at Dr Aesthetica. You will see me working alongside Kiran and assisting Dr Farmah.

A lot of our patients will find me in the treatment room and recognise me from the front desk where I answer your calls and emails. I am here to help you with your skincare and any queries you may have along the way. And I will always be here to help you book in for the right treatments and services best suited to you.

I have worked in the beauty industry for the last 7 years, with a variety of brands and have experience in a range of treatments and services. I am passionate about skincare - including my own - and like to take pride in my appearance. I know and have seen first-hand how important this is for all our patients at Dr Aesthetica, which makes me so excited to be part of their skincare journey.

Random Fact – I love traveling!

Tina Cox - Receptionist

I am the Receptionist here at Dr Aesthetica. You will see me on the front of house working behind the desk answering your calls, email enquires and booking all your appointments.

I have worked in the cosmetic / non-surgical industry for over 11 years as clinic co-ordinator and have loved every minute of it. I am passionate about the non-surgical industry because – when done correctly and safely – can produce wonderful results and can make patients feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

I have always wanted to work somewhere where education and experience in treatments are valued to a high standard.  And this is why I am so happy to be part of a great team here at Dr Aesthetica.

Random fact - I love the gym and train 4 times a week

Thomas Watkins - Web & Digital Content Developer

I work on the ongoing development and expansion of the digital properties belonging to Dr Aesthetica. I am also responsible for the production of video, graphics and animation that we use in our promotional and educational materials.

I've worked in digital media maintenence and production for the past 11 years.

As someone who has suffered with atopic dermatitis, I've found educating and assisting in the resolution of skincare issues to be particularly fulfilling. On a personal level I found Dr Aesthetica's mission to be important to me; as both a patient and an employee my confidence has benefitted massively.

Random Fact - I love cats

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We value understanding you better, so walk through our doors and tell us your story… and let us turn it into one of happiness, confidence and empowerment.  Because why would you have it any other way!?
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We want to empower everyone who walks through our clinic doors, to be able to look in the mirror and see a happier, brighter version of themselves.
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