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14th November 2018
How To Fix Botch Filler Jobs

A recent study has shown that lip augmentations have gone up 43% since 2000. With so many new products and techniques, it's easy to see why. But what happens when something goes wrong? This is where lip filler removals come in handy. It's relieving to know that in the event of a poor lip filler […]

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1st November 2018
How Does Eye Bag Surgery Work?

The global cosmetic surgery and services market is already worth more than GBP 15.35 billion. But experts say that it'll grow bigger by 2019, topping over GBP 20 billion by then. A huge contributor to this growth is the United Kingdom. In 2017 alone, cosmetic surgeons operated on over 28,000 patients. There's also the 31% […]

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10th October 2018
How Does Botox Improve The Jawline

By now many people are aware of what botox can do for their fine lines and wrinkles, but not many people know how botox contouring can help their jawline. How exactly do jawline injections of botox help to give your chin and jawline the shape you want you may be wondering? The procedure is actually […]

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8th October 2018
How To Remove Eye Bags

Have you been examining your face in the mirror and thinking about mid-face volumising? If so, you’re not alone. As we age the skin covering our cheekbones and the tissue that lies beneath begins to recede. This can affect the overall tone of your face. Your cheeks also move down as you age, which leads […]

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7th October 2018
9 Advantages to Having a Non-Surgical Jawline Reduction

It's easy to notice when your waistline is getting bigger because your clothes get tighter. Have you ever looked in the mirror, though, and said, "When did my head get so big?" Some people are born with a wide jaw, while others develop it over time. If it's a new development for you, chances are […]

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3rd October 2018
8 Ways To Stop Excssive Sweating

Roughly 3% of the population suffers from excessive sweating, though these figures are conservative. Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating all over the body. While sweaty hands and feet are unpleasant, most people suffering from hyperhidrosis worry about their armpits. Although sweating is natural, there is a stigma against people who have visible […]

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29th September 2018
8 Reasons To Get A Nose Filler Injection

While the number of UK cosmetic surgery procedures decreased by 40 percent, non-surgical procedures have steadily grown in popularity. In addition to more well-known treatments such as Botox and lip fillers, it is also possible to change the shape of your nose with non-surgical rhinoplasty. A non-surgical nose job uses dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid) to […]

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25th September 2018
Everything You Need to Know About Lip Enhancement Surgery

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your lips? Have you ever wished to enhance them somehow and give them a vibrant look? You're not the only one! The demand for lip enhancements has increased. You could even say this is due to the trend set by celebrity Kylie Jenner, known for her plump and […]

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21st September 2018
The Ultimate Guide to Injectable Fillers for the Face

If you're considering getting injectable fillers for the face, check out this handy guide to see whether this is the right treatment for you. Click here for more information on this subject!

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17th September 2018
8 Benefits of Botox You Need to Know

If you want to know the benefits of Botox then check out this blog post. We're going to list eight of the top advantages of this fabulous treatment. Click here for more information on the subject!

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14th August 2018
Botox vs Fillers: What's the Difference?

Aging is one of the most common cosmetic complaints, and it's only increasing. People are living longer and stay in the work force longer than they used to. Everyone wants to feel great about the way they look, but if you're trying to compete in your career, you have even more incentive to look young. […]

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10th August 2018
7 Uses for Botox Other Than Fighting Wrinkles

It seems that people use Botox synonymously with "anti-wrinkle solution." And while that is one of the most common uses of Botox treatment, it's by no means the only thing that Botox can do for you. In fact, Botox can be used to help relieve a number of different ailments and disorders. The uses for […]

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6th August 2018
What are Crow's Feet and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

It's probably safe to say that most people want to look their best. Ageing is something that happens to us all, but there are certain things that tend to make us look older than we want to. Crow's feet are wrinkles at the corners of the eyes that are most prominent when a person laughs […]

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2nd August 2018
The Science Behind a Beautiful Face

Have you ever looked at a person and found them attractive without knowing why? Sure, it's not a good idea to judge a book by its cover. Beauty is only skin deep, after all. But the first thing we see when we look at someone isn't their winning personality. It's their appearance. So what exactly […]

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29th July 2018
At What Age Do You Start Looking Old

While growing up may be inevitable, ageing is not. There will come a point in every woman's life when she sees fine lines on her face, or notices she just doesn't look as fresh as she once did. The question on many women's minds, especially as they surpass the age of 30, is, "What age […]

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25th July 2018
Your Guide to Skin Hydration

The average amount of makeup a woman applies per day amounts to eight dollars per face. Putting all that makeup on your face isn't even worth it if you don't focus on skin hydration. Your canvas has to be prepared before you can start applying all that expensive paint. Your skincare routine is essential in […]

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21st July 2018
9 Causes of Wrrinkles & Premature Aging

Do you look in the mirror and notice wrinkles starting to form? What may have started out as one or two fine lines is beginning to make a difference on your face. "But I'm only 30! I shouldn't have wrinkles already!" While you may feel alone as you look in the mirror, premature aging is […]

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17th July 2018
Why Do I Sweat So Much and How Can I Stop It?

Do you have to clamp your arms to your sides every time you're in public? Are you unable to wear some of your favourite clothes and colours because someone might see the stains? It's possible you have hyperhidrosis. This condition affects approximately 2 million UK citizens, and it can cause extreme self-esteem issues. Luckily, there […]

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6th July 2018
6 Anti Ageing Products You Should Have in Your Arsenal

Growing older has its' perks. As we get older, we often gain wisdom, confidence, and purpose. But, getting older has its' consequences, too. First, you may notice the crows feet creeping in, or spot a strand of grey hair. When you flash a smile in the mirror one day, you will find laugh lines staring […]

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25th June 2018
How To Prepare For Botox Injections

Over lunch last week, you couldn't get over how great your girlfriend looked. Even though you went to university together and are the same age, she seemed to have tapped into the fountain of youth. Just as you were getting ready to ask her what type of moisturiser she uses, she shared her secret: Botox […]

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21st June 2018
7 Cosmetic Surgery Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Americans spent $16 billion on cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures in 2016. That means that 17.5 million procedures took place in the US alone that year. That is more than ever before! Americans are leading the charge into cosmetic surgery. The UK had just over 28,000 procedures in 2017. In the UK, the most common procedure was […]

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19th June 2018
6 Daily Skincare Routines to Minimize Ageing

Ageing is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn't mean you can't slow down the signs of it and rock young (and healthy) skin for as long as possible. By making simple tweaks to your daily skincare routine, you can slow down the skin ageing process, and look young for longer. 6 Daily Skin […]

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15th June 2018
How Do Cheek & Tear Trough Fillers Work?

As you age, you might find that you no longer recognize the face you thought you knew so well. But it's not just the aging process that takes a toll on how your skin behaves. Exposure to the sun and other harsh elements and genetic tendencies can alter your fresh-faced appearance. As you age, the […]

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5th June 2018
Is Sweating Good or Bad For Your Skin?

Most people like to get a good sweat going when they're working out. In fact, if you don't sweat when you hit the gym or go for a run, you might feel like you didn't work out hard enough. You will usually start to sweat once the core temperature inside of your body starts to […]

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Dr Aesthetica offers professional Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments in the Birmingham area. We aim to solve your cosmetic related issues with non-surgical interventions.
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Dr Aesthetica offers professional Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments in the Birmingham area. We aim to solve your cosmetic related issues with non-surgical interventions.
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