15th June 2024

Say Goodbye To Dark Circles with Polynucleotide Under Eyes Works Wonders

Last Modified: June 15, 2024

Dark circles removed with Sunekos Polynucleotide
Dark circles removed with Sunekos Polynucleotide

Dark circles under the eyes are a frequent skincare issue experienced by many individuals. An exploration of the causes and factors contributing to dark circles is conducted, with an introduction to the compound known as Polynucleotide. Discover how Polynucleotide can effectively alleviate dark circles and the advantages it offers.

Additionally, application techniques and guidance on utilising Polynucleotide for under-eye treatment are discussed, along with its potential benefits for skin and hair. Bid farewell to dark circles through the transformative properties of Polynucleotide.

Understanding Dark Circles

The occurrence of periorbital dark circles is a prevalent skincare issue that transcends age and demographic boundaries, influencing aesthetic appeal and overall visage.

Causes and Contributing Factors

The primary causes and contributing factors of dark circles under the eyes include poor circulation, pigmentation irregularities, swelling, and puffiness.

Inadequate blood flow to the under-eye area, a consequence of poor circulation, can result in the appearance of darker skin in the delicate under-eye region. Additionally, dark circles can be compounded by pigmentation irregularities, such as excess melanin production or thin skin. Swelling, often triggered by allergies or fluid retention, can cast shadows under the eyes. Furthermore, puffiness, induced by factors like sleep deprivation or dietary choices, can worsen the appearance of dark circles by increasing shadows and creating a more sunken appearance in the skin.

What is Polynucleotide?

Polynucleotide, as a naturally-occurring compound, has attracted significant interest in the skincare and beauty industry due to its potential benefits and applications, especially when utilised under the supervision and expertise of Medical Aesthetics.

Explanation of the Compound

Polynucleotide, a biopolymer comprised of nucleotide monomers, holds significant importance in dermatology and skincare due to its rejuvenating properties.

The capacity of polynucleotide to stimulate cell growth and repair renders it a valuable constituent in skincare products. When administered topically, polynucleotide can augment skin elasticity and firmness through the promotion of collagen and elastin synthesis. Its moisturising attributes contribute to enhancing skin texture and diminishing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. By supporting the skin's inherent regenerative processes, polynucleotide aids in achieving a smoother, more youthful complexion. This scientifically substantiated ingredient is progressively gaining popularity in skincare formulations for its remarkable rejuvenating and anti-ageing effects.

How Polynucleotide Helps with Dark Circles

Polynucleotide has demonstrated favourable outcomes in the treatment of periorbital hyperpigmentation, presenting numerous advantages that contribute to a rejuvenated and more youthful aesthetic, as corroborated by dermatological experts.

Benefits and Results

The advantages and outcomes of utilising Sunekos polynucleotide for treating dark circles include a significant decrease in pigmentation, enhanced circulation, and improved hydration, supported by clinical trials that validate its effectiveness.

Medical professionals have observed that treatments involving polynucleotide not only target dark circles but also diminish the presence of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, resulting in a more youthful and revitalised appearance.

Practical applications have demonstrated that consistent use of polynucleotide serums can lead to noticeably brighter and smoother skin under the eyes, with numerous users expressing contentment with the overall enhancements in skin tone and texture.

The results from these trials underscore the diverse benefits of integrating polynucleotide into skincare regimens for addressing dark circles and fostering healthier, rejuvenated skin.

Using Polynucleotide for Under Eye Treatment

Using polynucleotide for under-eye treatment requires the adoption of accurate application techniques and strategies that can be effectively integrated into one's regular skincare regime to achieve optimal results.

Application Techniques and Tips

Once the area is numbed, the practitioner uses a fine needle or a blunt-ended cannula to inject the polynucleotide solution.

• The injection can be done using two main techniques:

Microinjections: Small, superficial injections are made directly into the dermis of the under-eye area, creating tiny blebs that typically disappear within a few hours. This is most effective for results

Cannula Method: A blunt-ended cannula is used to spread the polynucleotide solution evenly across the treatment area. This method reduces the number of entry points and minimises bruising and swelling. Not as effective as micro - injections but less downtime.

Other Uses for Polynucleotide

Along with its efficacy in addressing dark circles, polynucleotide exhibits a diverse range of applications in skincare and hair treatments. These applications provide rejuvenating and revitalising benefits that are progressively gaining recognition within the field of aesthetic medicine.

Sunekos is an innovative injectable treatment designed specifically to address various under-eye concerns, such as dark circles, fine lines, and skin laxity. By combining hyaluronic acid with a unique complex of amino acids, Sunekos promotes natural skin regeneration and enhances the overall quality and appearance of the skin around the eyes.

Key Benefits of Sunekos for Under Eye Concerns:

1. Stimulation of Collagen and Elastin Production:

• Sunekos works by stimulating fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen and elastin, two critical proteins that maintain skin firmness and elasticity. This process helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother and more youthful appearance  .

2. Hydration and Volume Restoration:

• The hyaluronic acid component in Sunekos attracts and retains moisture, deeply hydrating the skin and restoring volume to hollow areas under the eyes. This effect helps diminish the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags, providing a refreshed and rejuvenated look .

3. Improvement in Skin Elasticity and Texture:

• Sunekos not only hydrates but also improves the overall texture and elasticity of the skin. The amino acid complex supports the extracellular matrix, leading to healthier, more resilient skin around the eyes .

4. Minimally Invasive with Natural-Looking Results:

• As a minimally invasive treatment, Sunekos involves little to no downtime, making it an attractive option for those with busy lifestyles. The results are gradual and natural-looking, enhancing the skin’s innate beauty without the need for surgical intervention .

5. Suitable for Various Skin Types and Concerns:

• Sunekos is versatile and suitable for different skin types and ages. Whether the concern is age-related wrinkles or dark circles due to genetic factors, Sunekos can be tailored to meet individual needs, making it a highly personalized treatment option .

Procedure and Aftercare:

Procedure: The treatment involves a series of microinjections administered to the under-eye area. The process is generally well-tolerated, especially with the application of a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort.

Aftercare: Post-treatment, patients are advised to avoid makeup for at least 12 hours and to use sunscreen to protect the treated area from UV exposure. Results can be seen progressively over a few weeks, with optimal outcomes usually achieved after multiple sessions .


Sunekos offers a scientifically-backed solution for under-eye concerns, leveraging the synergistic effects of hyaluronic acid and amino acids to rejuvenate and revitalise the delicate skin around the eyes. Its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production, coupled with deep hydration and volume restoration, makes it an effective and desirable option for those seeking a non-surgical approach to eye rejuvenation.

For 3 sessions (1 session every 2 weeks) for only £750 currently

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Medically Reviewed on: 15th June 2024
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