6th April 2022

Frozen vs Natural Looking: Which Outcome Do You Want From Botox?

Last Modified: May 29, 2023

Wrinkles are quite literally created when the muscles under the skin contract and cause the skin to fold. That’s why wrinkles commonly form around the areas of the face we move the most – forehead, the sides of our eyes, and the mouth.

That’s where Botox comes in. Injected into these muscles in small doses, Botox essentially paralyses those muscles, stopping them from contracting. Thus, they no longer create the same folds in the skin, and the wrinkles are able to smooth out and relax.

Botox injections can improve anything from severe forehead lines to frown lines and everything in between.

However, the actual results you get can vary greatly depending on your goals, the units of botox used, and the injector's expertise.

Generally speaking, the outcomes of botox are classified into two categories:

  • Frozen botox
  • Natural-looking botox or baby botox

The ‘Frozen’ Look

We’ve all seen photos of celebs with the frozen, permanently surprised look, right?. While their faces might be wrinkle-free, something still looks off. It’s not the only celebrities who take it too far and overdo botox in an effort to fight off all signs of ageing. You probably have a friend or two who’ve gotten more botox than they need or go in for treatment too often.

As a result, botox has gotten a bad rap. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about this anti-wrinkle treatment is that they will automatically look frozen afterwards. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting that ‘frozen’ look doesn’t happen accidentally

Even though Botox involves decreasing muscle activity, your facial features should still move and make everyday expressions like smiling, laughing, and frowning. The human face was never meant to be expressionless.

All the same, some people prefer the frozen look, and that’s perfectly fine. However, at Dr Aesthetica, we advocate for the natural-looking botox results. More on that below.

Natural Looking Botox

For the past couple of years, the trend within the aesthetics industry has shifted towards a more natural Botox outcome And rightly so.

Do you want to get rid of wrinkles without ending up with the dreaded frozen look? 

What if you want subtle results so that not even friends and family can tell you had some work done?

That is where natural-looking Botox comes in. Commonly known as 'baby Botox', the goal of the natural-looking botox technique is to soften and smoothen fine lines, not erase every trace of a wrinkle or muscle movement. 

It will leave your complexion looking fresher and smoother but with totally natural movement.

For instance, lower doses of Botox are injected strategically across the forehead and crow's feet area to minimise the appearance of wrinkles without completely relaxing the muscle.

An additional benefit is that baby botox is less expensive for patients because fewer units are used than a traditional dose.

Baby Botox is also less risky than Botox, which is already a lower risk procedure. That's always a good thing!

If the results are too subtle for your liking, you can always go back to the injector for a top-up treatment. Remember, it's easier to add more than regret doing too much. Unlike hyaluronic fillers, Botox cannot be dissolved or removed from your face. You will need to wait out several months for its effects to wear off and get your natural look back.

How Much Botox is Injected Into The Face

When you ask for "baby Botox," you're essentially asking for a mini dose of traditional Botox. Also, the smaller quantities might be distributed more widely in the treatment area with additional injection points.

In general, the average patient requires anywhere from 20 to 80 units of Botox for a traditional botox treatment. A baby botox treatment might call for 1/2 or even 1/4 of that.

The main point is that it is not a formulaic approach with a documented, fixed amount for every forehead or crow's feet. Every treatment needs to be tailored to an individual wrinkle distribution and anatomy.

Also, every patient metabolises Botox at a different rate. Some patients only see the Botox effects lasting three months, while other patients experience slightly longer results. Whether you are going for a frozen or natural look, Botox will generally last around three-to-four months.

Why Your Choice of Injector Matter So Much

The aesthetic industry in the UK is highly unregulated, and you should never walk into any place just because it's advertising botox treatments. 

The key is to really know who you are trusting with your face and what products and techniques they are using.

To avoid a frozen face after Botox, choose a medically qualified practitioner who has a lot of experience giving anti-wrinkle injections. 

While many places now offer anti-wrinkle treatments, from salons to spas, we recommend sticking to a medical aesthetic clinic - If you are in Birmingham here is a list of the top 15 Birmingham aesthetic clinics.

Here they are more likely to use genuine products and know what to do if something goes wrong or you experience side effects. 

It's important to note that providers have different practice styles, and some stress natural-looking results much more than others. In the initial consultation, make sure that your aesthetic goals align with what your provider is saying.

Also, don't forget to ask for their Botox before and after pictures to see if you like their work. If you see any that don't look quite right, find someone else. 

Do you want someone you are not confident or sure about near your face with a needle? I wouldn't!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you would like to learn more about baby botox and find out if it's the ideal treatment for you, please get in touch with our team. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

Post Reviewed by: Dr Baldeep Farmah
Medically Reviewed on: 6th April 2022
Dr Baldeep Farmah is the Medical Director and lead Doctor of Dr Aesthetica, a Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

"We want to empower everyone who walks through our clinic doors, to be able to look in the mirror and see a happier, brighter version of themselves."

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