7th July 2017

Suffering From Excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis - Use Botox!

Last Modified: May 29, 2023

When it comes to a person’s health and well-being, there are numerous ailments and physical afflictions that can affect us in a variety of ways. Some are considered serious, whilst others are far less severe.

Take Hyperhidrosis, for example, many of you out there reading this article may suffer from this very affliction and may not even be aware you have a problem. Now, before you let out a gasp of disbelief and rush off to Google your symptoms online, rest assured that the condition itself is not life-threatening, in fact, it is not all that dangerous at all, and it is very, very common.

Oh, and if you’re still adamant you don’t suffer from it, what about if we told you that Hyperhidrosis was the medical term for profuse underarm sweating? Yes, whilst excessive sweating is not considered all that serious, it can make us very self-conscious, and it can have knock-on effects on our everyday lives.

Those that suffer from Hyperhidrosis will feel increasingly self-conscious, and so naturally, they will look for solutions wherever possible. If you’re sick and tired of your social life suffering because you constantly suffer with sweaty pits, here are a few effective treatments for you to consider:

1) Use antiperspirant deodorant

First and foremost, if you find your armpits constantly sweating, no matter what the temperature may be, you may wish to start treating the condition with a simple switch of deodorant.

Antiperspirant deodorants are designed to stop you perspiring (sweating) hence the name, and some are indeed stronger than others. When sprayed under the armpits, the deodorants not only provide a nice perfumed fragrance, they also provide a protective layer and help block the sweat glands.

If regular antiperspirants don’t work, GPs can actually provide stronger ones which contain aluminium chloride, helping to block the sweat glands further.

2) Wear loose-fitting clothing

If you’re a fan of tight clothing, you might want to reshuffle your wardrobe somewhat. Experts have found that tight-fitting clothing can trigger sweating, especially under the armpits. Instead, wear loose clothing which allows the skin to breathe.

Go for softer materials such as cotton as well, as some man-made fibres like nylon, have also been found to exasperate the condition.

3) Take cooler showers

Let’s face it, we sweat when we’re hot. In fact, our bodies are designed to sweat to cool us down when we’re too hot, so if you are sweating, it’s because you are too warm. If you’re a fan of hot showers or baths, you might want to address this, as they can cause you to overheat, and sweat.

If you start off your day with a hot shower, you will remain hot for a long time, and you will get out of the shower sweatier than when you went in. This is ironic and it defeats the purpose of showering in the first place.

To help cool your core body temperature down, however, have a much cooler shower, and try to regulate your temperature that way. If you can handle it, try turning the water to cold before you get out, as that will really lower your temperature, plus your sweat glands will close tight if you’re cold.

4) Anticholinergics

Anticholinergics are a form of medication prescribed by a GP, that are designed to block a chemical used by the nervous system known as acetylcholine, to activate the body’s sweat glands.

These medications either come in a solution form where they can be applied directly to the affected area, I.E the armpits, or they simply come in tablet form and can be swallowed with liquid.

They do, however, have some pretty nasty side effects, which is why they are only used in extreme cases.

5) Botox treatments

Finally, we’re perhaps saving the best for last, as we take a look at Botox treatments. Botox is a compound which is incredibly popular in the beauty industry, and for good reason. This compound is injected into the skin, where it basically “freezes” lines and wrinkles, helping to create a younger, healthier, more vibrant appearance. However, it has other uses too, as you’re about to find out.

When using Botox to treat excessive sweating, the compound is injected in and around the affected area, where it gets to work by blocking signals sent via the brain to sweat glands in your body, telling them to begin secreting sweat.

One Botox injection can provide several months of protection against hyperhidrosis, which is why it’s proving to be such a popular treatment. When going with Botox injections, always use a reputable company, such as Dr Aesthetica, who have been in operation for a very long time, can carry out the injection safely as well as give you safety tips, and have a stellar reputation in the health and beauty sectors.

Post Reviewed by: Dr Baldeep Farmah
Medically Reviewed on: 7th July 2017
Dr Baldeep Farmah is the Medical Director and lead Doctor of Dr Aesthetica, a Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

"We want to empower everyone who walks through our clinic doors, to be able to look in the mirror and see a happier, brighter version of themselves."

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