5th December 2019

Debunking the Common Skin Peel Myths

Your skin has been feeling a little dry lately. One of your friends suggested that you go get a skin peel. You’ve heard that they hurt though.

You wouldn’t be the only one to think chemical peels are painful. In reality, peels don’t hurt and they are good for your skin. While getting one peel won’t solve all your skin problems, it’s a good start toward more radiant-looking skin.

The peel hurting and being bad for you is only one common myth floating around out there about them. Keep reading for a complete list of debunked myths regarding chemical peels.

1. Chemical Peels Are Painful

Chemical peels are great for your skin. They gently exfoliate and leave you feeling soft and refreshed. They don't sting in the slightest and nothing about them is painful.

If you're still worried about experiencing a burning sensation, then you can get a glycolic peel. Even though it still goes deep into the layers of your skin to do its job, it's the mildest peel that you can get.

2. Your Skin Will Peel Heavily

Chemical peels use acid to remove the top layer of your skin. You may experience some peeling or you may not. Even if you experience peeling, it won't be that much.

If you don't peel that doesn't mean you wasted money. The chemical peel still worked.

The amount you peel all depends on the condition of your skin, how sensitive your skin is to the peel, and the strength of the chemical peel that is used.

3. They Can be Done at Home

You can buy a chemical peel online and do it at home. Just because you can though, doesn't mean that you should. When you're buying online chances are you have no idea which chemical peel is right for you.

The over-the-counter peels you can buy also may irritate your skin if you're not careful with which one you get.

When you go see a professional they can do a skin assessment and choose a treatment based on that. They also know how to do a peel so you get the results that you want.

4. They're Not Cheap

Chemical peels have become a popular way to exfoliate and treat dry, irritated skin. Due to this demand, the price of getting one won't hurt your wallet as bad as you think it would.

Depending on where you go they are actually pretty reasonably priced. It won't be as cheap as the DIY method we talked about above but it's a small price to pay for quality.

5. If You Have Sensitive Skin You Can't Get a Peel

Many are under the assumption that if you have sensitive skin you can't get a chemical peel. This can't be further from the truth. There are several peels that are made specifically to treat sensitive skin.

They are made with acids that reduce the inflammation that often comes hand in hand with sensitive skin. All you've got to do is tell the person performing the peel that you have sensitive skin and they can pick out a chemical peel to meet your needs.

6. They're Bad for You

The word chemical in the name gives the peels a bad reputation but they are good for you. The chemicals that are used in these peels are naturally occurring ones such as lactic acid, fermented milk, glycolic acid, and sugar cane. There is nothing dangerous about them.

When they're done by professionals, chemical peels are a good and easy way to take care of your skin and relax.

7. One Peel Will Solve All Your Skin Problems

One skin peel isn't going to solve all your skin problems. You'll need to go in for a series of chemical peels if you want to see the results that you're looking for. Most people will recommend that you do 6-8 peels over a span of 4-6 weeks.

You will need to stay on some type of schedule like this one if you want to continue seeing results and keep your skin problems away.

8. You'll Get the Same Outcome Every Time You do a Peel

You will not see the same results every single time you get a peel done. There are a few factors that will determine the kind of experience you'll have. These factors are the time of year, your skin care regimen, how frequently you get a peel done, your skin tolerance, and the overall health of your skin.

Depending on these factors you may see an extreme response or a mild one. Keep in mind just because you didn't see an extreme response doesn't mean the treatment didn't work.

9. All Chemical Peels are the Same

No, not all chemical peels are the same. There are several different types that all target a unique skin condition of some kind.

There are some that rejuvenate the skin, some that treat acne, and some that slow down the signs of ageing. This only a few of the different peels available to you.

Common Skin Peel Myths that Have Been Proven False

Are you thinking about getting a skin peel but are nervous about the things that you've heard about them? Chances are the dangers you've been warned about are a myth.

Getting a chemical peel is relaxing and pretty good for your skin. While you may not get the results you're looking for after a single peel, it's worth it to go in for a series of them.

Are you feeling better about getting a chemical peel now? Go here to book an appointment with us.

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