11th November 2020

The Perfect Solution If You Don’t Like How Your Nose Looks

Last Modified: March 28, 2024

Are there some things that you do not like about the shape of your nose? The nose is a very prominent facial feature, and any issues with it can compromise the face’s overall aesthetic balance. That said, most aesthetic issues such as a drooping nose tip do not change over time. In these cases, injection rhinoplasty is a straightforward and low-risk solution so you don't have to say "I don't like the look of my nose" anymore. Just a few years ago, your only option was getting surgery. This can be very costly, poses big health risks, and has a significant downtime. Yet, many aesthetic concerns about the shape of the nose can be rectified with non-surgical rhinoplasty. Below are some of the common ones.

Droopy nose tip

A droopy nasal tip occurs when the nose’s tip points downwards instead of pointing forwards or being slightly elevated. Many factors can cause this condition: weak cartilage support around the nose tip, poorly performed rhinoplasty, aging, or even trauma. The appearance of a droopy nose can be significantly improved using non-surgical techniques like injection rhinoplasty. The unique technique employed by Dr. Farmah here at our clinic has shown remarkable results. A part of his approach involves injecting micro amounts of dermal filler slightly under the tip of the nose. This not only gives extra supports to the septum but also extends the height and profile of the nasal tip. The best part is that it doesn’t result in a large nose tip that resembles a bulbous nose. If you are worried about your droopy nose tip, book an appointment with Dr. Farmah today!

A mildly crooked nose

A crooked nose features some degree of curvature rather than following a straight vertical line down the center of the face. The most common cause of a crooked nose structure is trauma or injury (i.e., a broken nose). Other potential causes include congenital disabilities or prior surgeries in the area. Crooked noses can vary in terms of severity, from barely noticeable to dramatically prominent. Barely noticeable to a mild crooked nose that only poses a cosmetic concern can often be rectified with injectable fillers. By injecting dermal fillers to alter the shape of the nose, non-surgical rhinoplasty can be used to correct a crooked nose.

Nasal bumps

Worried about what to do with the bump on your nose? Nasal bumps are one of the main reasons people visit Dr. Aesthetica. We even have a whole article covering nasal bumps: Everything You Need To Know About Dorsal Humps. A quick summary—nasal bumps, also referred to as dorsal humps, are mainly caused by genetics. This means some people are more predisposed to develop a bump on their nose than others. Often the appearance of nasal bumps can be altered using non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is done by injecting dermal fillers to fill out the areas around the dorsal hump. This procedure requires only topical anesthesia and can be completed in about half an hour. It also has minimal downtime, which means you can get back to your everyday life immediately.

Woman's Nose Before And After non surgical rhinoplasty
Womens Nose before Non surgical Rhinoplasty showing hooked nose also known as aquiline nose, bump on nose, high bridge, roman nose

A large nose

Now, given that it’s not possible to reduce the size of your nose without surgery, liquid rhinoplasty can still give you the appearance of a smaller nose. This is achieved by the addition of volume in the right places. An experienced aesthetics doctor will know precisely the areas of your nose to inject the dermal filler. As a result, this can give the illusion of a smaller nose and, to some degree, improve the appearance of a broad nose.

Are you unhappy with the shape of your nose and wanting to feel more confident about your nose?

Do you want to:

  • Feel more confident when stepping out?
  • Not feel anxious about how your side profile looks?
  • Feel confident to have your photo taken?
  • And feel at ease when you see your nose in the mirror?

If that sounds like you then you should check out our non surgical rhinoplasty in Birmingham.

Post Reviewed by: Dr Baldeep Farmah
Medically Reviewed on: 11th November 2020
Dr Baldeep Farmah is the Medical Director and lead Doctor of Dr Aesthetica, a Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

"We want to empower everyone who walks through our clinic doors, to be able to look in the mirror and see a happier, brighter version of themselves."

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We want to empower everyone who walks through our clinic doors, to be able to look in the mirror and see a happier, brighter version of themselves.
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