15th December 2018

Considering Under Eye Fillers? Your Guide to Filling Tear Troughs

Last Modified: August 3, 2022

If you are like many people who want to look young and refreshed for their work or love life, under-eye filler might be the answer for you. Whether it’s wrinkles, hollowness, puffiness, or just plain tired-looking, your eyes experience ageing before any other part of your face.

The eyes are the first to go and the most important to fix. If you want to look restore confidence in how you look, read our guide to filling tear troughs and getting sunken eye filler treatments.

Defining Tear Troughs

Although you may never have called them by that name, you've probably noticed your tear troughs before. The tear troughs are the part under your eye that curves down from the inner corner of your eye. They're one of the parts of your face that are most prone to changes in sleep and natural ageing.

The scientific term for them is the nasojugal groove. Whether you've noticed them or not, when they are sunken in they cast dark shadows under your eyes making you look tired and older than you are. The visible separation caused by tear troughs also interrupts the smoothness of your face from the lower eyelid to the cheek.

If you are like me, that's not what the look you are aiming for!

Why Do You Get Them?

The skin under your eyes needs to be thin and delicate to accommodate the strain of 22 muscles in perpetual motion and 10,000 blinks per day! The downside of this is that the eye contour is the first area to show signs of ageing.

Where the thicker parts of your skin can withstand the effects of ageing, facial movement or stress, the same can't be said of the under-eye area. For many people, this is the first place they notice the changes in their faces as they age.

The volume of tissue under the eyes changes over time. It becomes flabbier and loses volume, making the bags even more prominent.

The fat pads that help support the eyes can also get displaced and move into the lower eyelids, causing them to appear puffy. This fat even leads to eye bulges over time. These can accentuate the hollowness that forms when there is a loss of volume in this area which is usually a result of weight loss or age.

Why Under Eye Filler?

As you can see, tear troughs are a common outcome of getting older and skin ageing for many people. You may be thinking, "But, why do most celebrities have them?" Fortunately, with under-eye fillers, you can look just as refreshed and bright-eyed as your favourite celebrity.

Under-eye filler is one of the best options for filling tear troughs and ensuring they don't become a problem. With the help of hyaluronic acid, this dermal filler ensures there are no dark shadows being cast under your eyes.

Eye filler integrates with your skin in order to revive that smooth surface that you once had. Looking to make dark shadows and circles disappear, give tear tough fillers a try.

If you've been wary about botox, no need to worry. This is a very different try of treatment. You'll feel and look fresh and ready to greet the day with more gusto and excitement than ever before.

Wondering How Long it Lasts?

With dermal fillers, you don't have to visit your dermatologist or specialist every few months as you do with other treatments. They don't require regular maintenance, just a visit every year and so.

The hyaluronic acid used to fill tear troughs stays in your body for 18 months. Once they start to break down and get assimilated into your body, you either need a maintenance treatment or your face will revert back to its previous state.

Depending on how long it takes for your body to break down the filler, it may last even longer.

Our Tear Trough Fillers are Reversible!

There is an issue, particularly in Birmingham, with inexperienced injectors administering fillers which can lead to various problems such as over or under filling, putting fillers in the wrong facial contours, using the wrong types of fillers or even blocking blood circulation.

Fortunately, the reversal can be done with the help of a hylase and your tear trough will return to where they were before.

However, as with tear trough fillers, not just anyone can reverse your treatment; you'll need to see a trained medical aesthetics professional. Because of his experience and artistic cosmetic skills, Dr Farmah is often sought out to fix fillers gone awry from other injectors.

Get the Look You Want Today

If you're thinking about under-eye filler as a way to look younger, feel more confident, or seem refreshed, you're not going to regret it. It's a fantastic way to ensure that you never hear "you look tired" ever again.

If you'd prefer a surgical treatment, check out our guide for more info.

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