7th December 2019

Facial Flushing 101: Possible Reasons Your Face Gets Red (+ Useful Solutions)

It can be embarrassing when your face starts turning red and you have no control over it. Whether it's facial flushing that happens within seconds or a condition that leaves your face flushed or with red patches, it's good to know what could be causing it to happen.

Keep reading to learn more about what causes facial flushing and whether you can do anything about it.

Facial Flushing That's Considered Blushing

When you have a physiological response to an emotion. Such as being angry, sad, or embarrassed.

People blush when given a compliment or criticism. The recipient of the feedback will have a warmth or heat flood over their face with a measurable temperature increase in the cheeks and forehead area.

Often as one starts to blush, they'll become anxious. Fearful others are noticing the facial flushing and as a result, end up blushing more and for longer.

One of the best ways to deal with blushing is to learn control over your breathing. And immediate emotional response instinct for either "fight or flight',

Most people will find their blushing is fairly harmless and it quickly goes away. Some have experienced extreme cases of facial flushing that appear to be blushing but is brought on due to a medical condition.


The cause of rosacea is unknown but it is most often seen in middle-aged people (30-50 years) and is characterized by pimples, redness and visible blood vessels in the cheek and nose area of the face.

It can be triggered by weather, stress, drastic change in temperature, medications, and certain foods.

There are four phases of rosacea that have been identified:

Phase 1 is the pre-rosacea phase where the skin on the cheeks and nose are flushed for a short period of time but longer than blushing.

Phase 2 is the vascular phase where the skin on the cheeks and nose can become inflamed with noticeable swelling and you may be able to see tiny blood vessels under the epidermal surface.

Phase 3 is referred to as the inflammatory phase where swelling becomes worse, small bumps appear and there may be discharge from the pustules.

Phase 4 is late phase where some individuals develop an almost calloused skin that is thicker than usual and remains red for extended periods of time even after the flare-up is over.

Antibiotic creams may be prescribed by an attending physician. They will tell you the best way to care for your skin. Most recommend having a healthy skin care routine in between flare-ups if you do have rosacea and can prevent other skin conditions for those with already healthy skin.

Exercise, Alcohol and Allergies

Many people will find they experience facial flushing when working out or doing strenuous physical activity. As the body temperature rises from exertion the body sweats and the skin becomes flushed. This process can cool the body down and is healthy as long as there isn't excessive sweating and overheating.

Alcohol consumption can also lead to facial flushing, especially if the individual has a sensitivity to alcohol. Many don't even realize that they are sensitive to certain alcoholic beverages.

Food sensitivities and allergies can also cause a facial flushing response.

Taking Care of Your Biggest Body Part

Your skin is your largest organ and tends to take the most wear and tear from the outside world. Facial flushing is nothing to be embarrassed about and usually not a danger to your health but if you have any concern about the cause you should always seek an expert opinion.

You can minimize the damage from daily life by taking care of your skin every day. Connect with us to learn how we can help your skin look and feel it's best.

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