16th August 2017

Four Effective Ways to Fix a Gummy Smile

Last Modified: June 12, 2022

Have you ever noticed how some people are not particularly happy when smiling for a photograph? Others may smile, but may smile with a closed mouth, in an attempt to hide their mouths and teeth. But why is this? Well, it could be due to several reasons, though commonly, the main reason why these individuals happen to feel so self-conscious, could be because they suffer with what is known as a ‘gummy smile’. A gummy smile is not life threatening. In fact, it causes no physical side effects at all. The psychological effects associated with a gummy smile however, are far more serious. People that suffer with gummy smiles often feel self-conscious, they may isolate themselves, they may avoid social events and gatherings, and they unfortunately cannot be themselves because they are sadly so self-conscious when they smile. The fantastic news however, is that there are effective treatments and solutions, and to help prove this point, we’ll now be taking a look at a few simple and effective ways to fix a gummy smile once and for all.

What exactly is a gummy smile?

Before we can address a problem, it’s first essential that we truly understand the problem in question. A gummy smile in simple terms, is a condition where individuals happen to display a high ratio of their gums when they smile. This excessive demonstration of gum tissue when smiling can make people wary of smiling in public and in photographs, which is a crying shame.

How to fix a gummy smile

Now that we understand what a gummy smile is, we can now begin to address the condition and look at ways in which we can treat it and help people benefit from the smile they’ve always wanted. Effective treatments and solutions for gummy smiles include:

Corrective Jaw Surgery

We’ll start off with the most extreme option, and one which is not very common at all. For people with extreme gummy smiles due to an elongated mid-face, a vertical maxillary Impaction procedure will be required. This is a form of corrective jaw surgery, and needless to say it is the most invasive procedure we’ll be taking a look at in this article. Recovery time can be several weeks, or possibly longer still, and as mentioned, this type of procedure should only really be considered as a last resort.

Gum gingivectomy

This procedure is carried out either by a laser, or a scalpel, when the gummy smile is caused by an excessive ratio of gums. In this instance you would visit your periodontist, and they would be able to trim away some of your excess gum tissue, either with a laser, or with a scalpel. This is not as painful as it sounds, though sometimes the treatment is ineffective, as the gums have been known to re-grow. If this does occur, a second procedure will need to be carried out.


Botox is a truly wonderful creation for the health and beauty industry, and the benefits just keep getting better and better. If the gummy smile is caused by an upper-lip which is over active, experts can administer Botox injections in and around the affected area, to help deal with the gummy smile in question. The Botox injection will help stiffen up the upper lip which will help mask some of the excess gums on show, giving you a healthy and beautiful smile. One Botox treatment will provide effective results for several months, though eventually the results will wear off, so repeat treatments will need to be carried out if you want to continue reaping the rewards.

Lip surgery

This is perhaps the second most invasive procedure on our list today, though again, it isn’t as extreme as it sounds. With lip surgery, the expert will basically cut away the lip from the inside, and will then stitch it back together so that it is now closer to the teeth, subsequently hiding some of the gums which were initially on display. This also prevents the lip from retracting back as much, which again, helps to hide and mask the gummy smile.

So there you have it, just four of the many options available to you if you suffer with a gummy smile. When it comes to beauty treatments in regards to gummy smiles, it’s important that you go with the right company to provide the best results for you. This is where Dr Aesthetica comes into the mix. For people looking for Botox, dermal fillers, and other similar beauty treatments, there really is no better option. With years of experience, a stellar reputation in the cosmetic beauty sector, and access to the best products, and ingredients currently available, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to Dr Aesthetica. Take a look today and see what they can do for you.

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