How to Reduce Frown Lines

Lose the 11s on your forehead

Frown lines appear between the eyebrows and give an angry or sullen appearance to the face. Botox can be used to reduce their appearance and lift the forehead and brow area.

  • Results visible in forehead lines both in motion and at rest
  • Wrinkle relaxing treatments can prevent the formation of new lines, or the deepening of existing ones
  • Stop frown lines from making your face appear angry and sullen
  • Industry leading techniques performed by medical professionals
  • Approaches and results tailored to your unique anatomy and goals

Our team’s results with the reduction of frown lines speak for themselves. Get in touch today to find out more.

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Do you have wrinkles between your eyebrows?

What are Frown Lines?

Frown lines are vertical lines or wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows.

What do Frown Lines look like?

Frown lines often appear shaped like the number '11' furrowed between your eyebrows. They are usually two prominent wrinkles stemming from the brow up into the forehead surrounded by some smaller wrinkles.

How do Frown Lines form?

Also commonly referred to as 'worry lines,' the leading cause of frown lines is ageing. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and doesn't easily bounce back to its original shape. Coupling this with repeated facial expressions that contract the muscles between the eyebrows and cause the skin to gather increases the likelihood of getting frown lines.

But they can also develop in younger adults who have had to deal with too much stress, which causes a lot of facial tension. Other factors that can make you more susceptible to frown lines include excessive sun exposure, smoking and genetics.

It’s also worth noting our technology usage has increased leading us to concentrate more on digital devices. This action often leads us to frowning without even realising.

  • Wrinkle relaxing forehead and frown lines treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Botox fix Frown Lines?

Botox® (Botulinum Toxin) is an effective non-surgical way to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and works by temporarily blocking nerve signals and muscle contractions. In the case of Frown lines, it's injected in the area between your eyebrows where the wrinkles sit – creating a smooth and flawless effect. The results of treating frown lines with Botox are unbeatable in comparison to other options.

How do I know I need treatment for Frown Lines?

Do you feel self-conscious about any wrinkles or fine lines between your eyes? Are you constantly getting comments from friends or family saying you always look tired or stressed? Then this could be the perfect treatment for you.

How do I get rid of my frown lines without surgery?

Our Frown Lines treatment using Botox can smoothen out your frown lines without the need for any surgery whatsoever. In fact, you could be back at work the same day with a clean and 'stress-free' look. Botox injection is minimally invasive and is considered a safe, effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows.

How long does Frown Line treatment last?

Frown Line treatment tends to last between 3 and 6 months, but it may last longer depending on your skin's natural genetic make-up. Then a follow-up treatment will be needed to keep the wrinkles at bay.

What else do I need to know?

An average appointment for this treatment usually lasts around 30 minutes. You will start to see results in a week, and then optimal results can usually be seen in 2 weeks from the day of the treatment. Also, it's worth noting that frown line treatment is generally pain-free, although, of course, there is an option for using numbing cream on the area. Side effects include bruising, swelling, and bleeding, but these tend to be very rare.

Treatments for Frown Lines: Botox

A very popular treatment at Dr. Aesthetica, Botox® (Botulinum Toxin), is used to smooth out frown lines between your eyebrows and decrease the tired or worried look associated with this condition.

While getting older is unavoidable, frown lines don't have to be.

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