Non-Surgical Face Lift

Comprehensive, non-surgical anti-ageing and facial transformation treatments

We target multiple areas of the face that display the tell-tale signs of ageing with dermal filler to produce natural results.

  • Safe, non-permanent alternative to a surgical facelift
  • Reduce the appearance of ageing in key areas of the face drastically
  • Restore a fuller, youthful look in your facial appearance
  • Powerful results with minimal discomfort
  • We look at your unique facial anatomy and produce a plan tailored to your requirements

Curious about a non-surgical facelift? Our medically led team will produce a plan specific to your concerns.

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What is the Full Face Lift?

The full facelift is a comprehensive and holistic facial treatment that literally reverses signs of aging in only a few weeks! And the best part, all this is achieved without plastic surgery that often poses a lot of health risk, is very costly, and comes with long recovery periods. Using a combination of botox and dermal fillers to tighten and restore plumpness to the specific areas of the face that are most prone to the effects of aging, you will definitely experience breathtaking transformation. On top of that, there’s needleless skin treatment included, ensuring an all-round approach to your skin rejuvenation. The full facelift is safe and effective and will give your natural-looking results while shaving years off your face. It goes by many names, from ‘non-surgical facelift’ to ‘8 point facelift’.
Non Surgical Face Lift

Full Facelift Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a full facelift?

Are you feeling like your skin is starting to sag? Do you look tired all the time(especially around the eyes)? Maybe you feel like the years are catching up with you, and all you need is a confidence boost? As we get older, our skin, especially on our face, starts to lose volume due to the slowing down in collagen production. At the same time, years of exposure to elements like gravity, the sun, cold weather, and dust hasn’t been doing our skin any favors. And we are yet to take into account how our own lifestyle, diet, lack of enough sleep(we have all been guilty of this), and other personal habits. Simply put, it’s no surprise as we age, most people complain that their skin is quickly losing that supple, fresh, and youthful appearance. Does this sound like something you have said or felt? Then the full facelift is exactly what you need!

Can I get a full facelift done at Dr. Aesthetica?

Yes, you can! We help people like you look refreshed, younger, and rejuvenated without looking “fake, plastic, or overdone.” Actually, our full facelift program is currently one of the best in the market. We’ve taken our most effective treatments and packaged them together into a special 8-week program that can be customized depending on your goals. Everyone is different and has their own unique skin needs. That’s why we will do a full facial analysis and develop a personalized plan specifically suited for you. And on top of that, since we care for our patients and want the best results for them, we have added several other gifts and bonuses to the full facelift treatment program. Get in touch with us today to learn all about this fantastic treatment and how it can significantly improve your appearance.

What does the full facelift treatment involve?

As mentioned above, the full facelift is also referred to as the 8 point facelift. This is because the treatment focuses on the 8 areas of the face that are most susceptible to signs of aging. The eight areas are:
1. Cheekbones
2. Mid Face Volume
3. Tear Trough (under eyes)
4. Nasolabial folds (indentation of lines on either side of the mouth)
5. Corners of the mouth
6. Prejowl area (chin)
7. Jawline
8. Lower cheeks

That said, these eight areas only act as a guide. During your consultation, we will develop a custom-tailored treatment plan that’s perfect for your individual needs.
In our non-surgical facelift program, we will use a combination of dermal fillers and botox, while some aspects of the program skip the needle altogether. Our skin treatments will help you achieve a glowing complexion, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging signs.

Benefits of the full facelift treatment

Every treatment is custom crafted to suit the patient’s unique needs.
This treatment is generally pain-free, and most patients have little to no recovery time and will be back to work the next day.
We can also administer a numbing cream to the face before the treatment to ensure minimal discomfort. This treatment is non-invasive and does not need any general anaesthetic.
Can shave years off your face, making you look up to “a generation younger.”
Procedure Time
An average appointment for a full face lift is between 30-60 minutes.
Onset Of Results
80% on day of procedure, full result at 2 weeks
Risks and Complications
As with all injectables, there is a risk of bruising, swelling, and some bleeding.
Back to work
Immediately after appointment, some patients choose to have the rest of the day off.
Duration of actions
Average 12 - 18 months
Available on request.

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