18th December 2018

The Benefits of Combining Botox and Fillers

Do you have stubborn wrinkles that you want out of your face?

Women are getting stressed by thinking about their age. About 42% of women ages 25 - 34 years old worry on the regular about their facial age.

To reduce the appearance of ageing, people are willing to go through different procedures. Getting rid of the signs of ageing means removing crow's feet and wrinkles, but how?

Many women choose to go Botox or fillers, with their different advantages. Some can't pick one. Why not both?

If you're ready to make yourself beautiful, give wrinkles a solid 1-2 combo with Botox and fillers. There's a ton of benefits to doing this combination.

Do you want to know the benefits of botox and dermal fillers? Keep reading because this is beauty gold.

What Is Botox?

Botox injections are pure and clinic-stable forms of the Clostridium Botulinum toxin. It's the same toxin that you get from the soil, dirty water or poorly preserved canned foods.

In large amounts, Botulinum can kill you. In small quantities, it is enough to correct wrinkles. It does so by paralyzing your muscles and nerves. This results to fine lines getting softer or even removed.

Botox can correct signs of ageing caused by muscle movement. This effect comes from its ability to solve dynamic wrinkles. These features exist in areas where the muscles move a lot.

This includes big facial wrinkles, fine lines, Crow's feet and even sweaty palms. These problems are common around the eyes, the lips, the brows and along the forehead.

It's not a permanent solution as the body can metabolize the injection. The muscle relaxant effect of Botox can last from around 3 to 4 months.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are different types of substances that you can inject under the skin. These add volume and fullness to your skin. These fillers are a combination of various body-safe chemicals like hyaluronic acid.

What we like about fillers is their ability to address various problems. These can take care of various cosmetic and ageing issues and last anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years.

They're safe, but you need to talk to your cosmetic surgeon about your expectations. You will be stuck with the same looks for at least half a year, so you want to make sure everything is right.

Benefits of Botox and Dermal Fillers

If you're one of the people who can't decide what to choose between botox and fillers, why not use both? There are many things that you can do by combining both cosmetic procedures. We're sure you'll get more out of using both to take care of your anti-ageing needs.

We know three of the most common benefits, which is a net positive than the sum of its parts.

1. Correct More Than Wrinkles

Here's the thing: the signs of ageing are not all wrinkles. They're not all about volume as well.

Botox is only good with wrinkles, while fillers are ok to use if you need extra volume and fullness. What if you use both?

Botox can address all those skin folds around your face. You can then use the fillers to add a level of fullness to some parts like your lips.

By using this combo, you get the full effects of both procedures, rather than settling for one or the other.

Each product covers the other's weakness. Combined Botox and dermal fillers treatment is equal to a non-surgical facelift.

2. Facial Fillers Can Extend Your Botox and Vice Versa

We love Botox due to its anti-ageing quality. It removes any signs of ageing fast, and the effects are almost instant. Our problem?

Botox injections don't last very long. At most, you have around 3 to 4 months until you would need a new procedure done.

Another issue is that some parts of the face age faster. This results in imperfect changes once you're near the date the procedure expires.

If you combine your Botox injections with your facial fillers, that's good. Your trusted cosmetic surgeon can help you create a flexible plan of attack.

Plastic surgeons with superb skills can use fillers to extend the effect of Botox. The extension varies, with an added 6 to 9 months compared to using botox or fillers.

Some brands of dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid can also react with the botulinum content of your Botox. This reaction can further extend the facial fillers' lifespan on your body. This is because facial fillers tend to metabolize faster with every muscle movement.

If you use Botox, it relaxes the entire muscle group. This means less impaction and, by extension, longer-lasting results.

3. Botox vs Fillers? Use Both for a More Flexible Beauty Plan

The idea of using Botox and filler procedures is simple. It's to make yourself look younger. The problem is when the treatment happens with an unskilled doctor.

Using one of either Botox or fillers and choosing an unskilled practitioner results in a sad, plastic-like face.

People know that artificial "Botox" look. People know if you've added fillers. You want something discreet and can allure anyone who looks at you.

A botox with dermal filler treatment can make your cosmetic procedure look as natural as possible. A skilled plastic surgeon can make you look like yourself and aged 10 to 20 years younger.

Target dynamic wrinkles that come from continuous muscle movement. Smooth out static wrinkles and restore all that lost volume and zest on your face.

Choose Both Botox And Fillers To Do the Job

For many years, people debate about what to choose between botox vs fillers. One does the job the other can't, so it should never have been an issue. With breakthroughs in the field, we now know that you can use both.

If you want to combat the signs of ageing, choose both botox and fillers. This procedure can make your look more natural and remove years from how you look.

Even then, make sure that your plastic surgeon is a skilled professional with care and superior training.

Choose Dr. Aesthetica Cosmetic Beauty Clinic. With the utmost care and superior medical training, you get excellent cosmetic treatment with care and safety.

Take a look at how Dr. Aesthetica can make you younger. Have a chat with us and see how beautiful you can be.

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