Jawline Slimming – Teeth Grinding Treatment

Jawline Slimming is a specialist technique that does what it says – it thins your jawline to give you a slimmer looking face.

This specialist, non-surgical treatment utilises the use of anti-wrinkle injections (Botox).  This means no surgery, no downtime, no pain or swelling and no adverse reactions to chewing. Once the treatment has been completed you will find that the angle of your jaw will relax, giving you a more oval face shape.

Most clients tend to have this treatment if their jawline tends to become square looking which is due to over developed masseter muscles. These muscles are responsible for the shape of your jawline. The squareness of a jawline can develop over a period of time due to age too. This is normally due to the jaws chewing action or if you tense your masseter muscles.

The Jawline Slimming treatment is very popular amongst women as a strong jawline is not usually associated as a female trait. Many women find that a hard, square jawline makes their face appear harsh and adds years to their age.  By softening the appearance of the jawline, the results make for a more youthful and feminine appearance.  A combination treatment with Dermal Fillers can also be used should it be required for jowl symptoms.

Jawline Slimming is also perfect for those that suffer with medical conditions such as Bruxism (painful teeth grinding).


Bruxism is a painful condition that affects many and is often untreated. Clients suffer with teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Symptoms include

  • headaches,
  • earaches,
  • stiffness in the jaw joint,
  • disrupted sleep,
  • worn down teeth, which can lead to increase sensitivity and even tooth loss,
  • broken teeth or fillings,
  • overdeveloped masseter muscle
  • Pain

Often treatments can include using a mouth guard or mouth splint. Specialist mouth guards can often cost several hundred pounds.  Unfortunately, this does not actually treat the problem and can delay the inevitable whilst often leading to a poor quality of life. At Dr Aesthetica we suggest using Botox to treat Bruxism. Patients often report a significant improvement of symptoms within week and report having the “best sleep in ages”

Hi Doctor, Just wanted to say thank you. Before how my face was and after botox my face changed and made so much difference. Everyone has said i have lost so much weight, my face is gone so small. So glad I came to you, Thank you so much, will see you soon.
S Soru

How our Jawline slimming treatments work

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    Your initial consultation with Dr Aesthetica will consist of evaluating your full medical history and lifestyle including whether previous treatments have been undertaken and what your expectations are from the treatment itself. This will determine whether you are a safe candidate for Botox.

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    The treatment itself will last around 30 minutes depending on which part of the jawline is being treated.  A topical anaesthetic can be applied before treatment begins, to make the procedure more comfortable. After treatment, Dr Aesthetica will provide you with after-care information.

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    Recovery is minimal, often with no downtime.  You may experience sensitivity for up to 24 hours.  Though swelling and/or bruising can be present, this is usually minimal. You will need to refrain from touching or rubbing the treated areas for around 12 hours.  It is also advised that make up should not be worn for at least 12 hours. Chewing is not affected, though it may take more effort to eat tough foods such as steak.

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    Results will be visible around 4 weeks after the treatment though some clients may start to notice a slight change around 2 weeks after treatment. The full effects can last around 6 – 9 months.  Results will vary person to person due to natural genetic make up. Patients are reviewed around 4 weeks to determine the impact of treatment and as required top up.