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  • Specialisation in all skin types
  • Results 80-95% reduction in hair folicles
  • Sector leading technology with Splendour X
  • Grid based hair targeting

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Revolutionary hair removal technology

Specialist laser hair removal in Birmingham

Are you tired of painful waxing, endless & tedious shaving or messy hair removal creams? At Dr Aesthetica, we use revolutionary hair removal technology that promises fantastic, long-term results. And the best part, no more of all that unnecessary hassle that comes with the other options.

Our in-depth knowledge of the hair growth cycle, coupled with our access to the latest Medical Grade laser technology, allows us to target and capture 90% of hair within the active growth phase. This allows us to provide our clients with the best possible hair reduction results within six to eight weeks of treatment.
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Procedure Time
15-60 minutes depending on areas being treated. 
Onset Of Results
Generally there is a noticeable difference by session 2
Risks and Complications
Redness, itching of skin normal
If incorrect settings or bad device then burning, loss of pigmentation, and scarring. 
Back to work
Duration of actions
Some hair removal happens on the day, often continues to expel hair over the next 3 weeks post treatment. 
Not Required

The Hair Growth Cycle

Getting rid of unwanted hair comes down to understanding your hair growth cycle.

There are 3 stages of hair growth in the cycle, from the active initial growth from the root to hair shedding.

● Anagen: This is the ‘active growth’ phase.
● Catagen: This is the ‘in-between’ section where the hair has stopped growing.
● Telogen: This is the ‘end’ phase, where hair begins to fall out, allowing new hair to come through the hair follicle.

Each phase responds differently to laser hair removal treatments. Hair that is in the Anagen(growing) or Telogen (falling out) phase will respond quickly to treatment, whereas hair in the Catagen(resting phase) will react at a slower pace.

By investing in multiple sessions over a recommended period, we can remove 90% of hair for long-lasting results.

Splendor X offering the best laser hair removal

Get the most effective, painless, efficient and super fast hair removal treatment on your chin, face, underarms, bikini area, legs etc when you book your treatment with us. We use one of the most innovative and effective laser hair removal technology.
The Splendor X from Lumenis (a global leader in laser technologies) works by emitting a gentle laser beam, which is absorbed by the hair’s melanin. The heat produced by the beam damages the follicles (but not the surrounding skin or tissue), reducing hair growth significantly.

Splendor X uses a square beam technology over the more traditional circular beam. This allows us to cover a larger area without overlapping— guaranteeing uniform skin coverage. Splendor X offer the best way to remove unwanted nuisance hair from anywhere on your body, without the risk of burning associated with circular lasers. Furthermore, the built-in plume evacuator ensures a smoke-free and safer environment

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal with Splendor X

● 85-95% of hair reduction over the recommended treatment period
● Lese painful than other methods (electrolysis or waxing)
● Fast and effective for removing hair from large areas such as back or legs

Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Unfortunately, no beauty clinic can promise permanent hair removal due to multiple factors contributing to hair regrowth. Occasional touch-ups may be required once or twice a year to maintain great results.

That being said, while we cannot pledge permanent hair removal, we can guarantee fantastic long-lasting results for every type of skin thanks to our investment in advanced technology.

How many sessions of laser hair removal do you need?

Each person responds differently to laser hair removal. Some may require more treatments than others. On average, the best results are achieved in four to eight treatments over a six to twelve-week period.

The exact number of sessions and time required for treatment depends on the area targeted and hair thickness. During your initial consultation, our experienced staff will be able to assess your hair type, skin colour and other characteristics and provide you with a reasonable idea of the number of sessions you would require to obtain the best results.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The price of laser hair removal is dependent on how many sessions you require and the location of your treatment.
We offer laser hair removal services for:
Upper body
Lower body
Full body
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Are There Any Risks with Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a safe procedure, but there are some potential risks like any other cosmetic procedure. Some people may experience temporary redness, swelling, bruising, or blistering. These should clear up quickly. The most important thing to have in mind is that only a certified laser technician should perform this treatment. More serious side effects like skin discolouration—which can last for several months or become permanent—can result if the laser is operated by an inexperienced technician.

Is It Worth Getting Laser Hair Removal?

Thanks to new technology, such as the Splendor X, laser hair removal treatment is now available for every skin type. We use a combination of two separate lasers working simultaneously to deliver ultimate hair removal. So to answer your question, how much do you want that hair gone?

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