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Laser Hair Removal For Hirsutism / PCOS

For years, hirsutism has been a significant cause of emotional distress and low self-esteem among women. In fact, some of our female clients have reported that the unwanted facial hair makes them feel unfeminine and self-conscious. As a result, they have to find ways to conceal the excessive hair growth from others, which negatively impacts their social life.

Traditional treatments for hirsutism include medications such as oral contraceptives or antiandrogens. However, this approach poses several major limitations. For one, it doesn't eliminate the hair already present on the body. Also, while medication might slow down new hair growth, the results take too long to show and are modest at best.

That's why if you've been suffering from hirsutism, laser hair removal can offer a much-needed reprieve. Laser hair removal is a popular, safe and effective cosmetic procedure that offers up to 90% permanent reduction in unwanted facial and body hair, making it the perfect treatment for hirsutism.

PCOS and Hirsutism

Hirsutism is defined as the appearance of excessive coarse hair on areas where women don't commonly have hair, such as the face, chest, inner thighs and back. It's triggered by the presence of elevated levels of the male hormone androgen in the body, which stimulate your hair follicles, causing your hair growth rate to speed up exponentially.

While high androgen levels in the body have been linked to several causes, the most common one, especially among women, is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This condition, characterised by hormonal imbalances that cause the ovaries to overproduce androgens, affects 5% –10% of women worldwide.

Many women who have been diagnosed with PCOS have also reported hirsutism as one of the symptoms of the condition.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal For Hirsutism

  • It offers a solution for women with excessive hair with no identifiable underlying cause. Such women often have hair follicles that are abnormally sensitive to androgens despite having normal androgen levels in their bodies.
  • With regards to PCOS, medications on their own may not be enough. Mechanical hair removal methods like laser will further enhance the effects of hormone therapy.
  • It’s more effective than other hair removal techniques like shaving and depilatory creams, which have to be used continuously and can quickly become a nuisance.
  • Studies show that most people experienced no significant hair regrowth 12 months after completing the laser treatment plan.
  • New laser technologies work for all skin tones, including dark skin.

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Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Laser Hair Removal For Hirsutism Work?

As long as your hair follicles aren't damaged, hair will continue to grow even if the shaft, which is the part of the hair that appears above the skin, is plucked or removed.

This is what makes laser hair removal so effective—it goes after the hair follicles themselves.

Laser hair removal works by focusing a gentle beam of light that's absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is then converted to heat, which destroys the hair follicles.

 This technique produces a gradual but permanent reduction of hair regrowth on the face or larger body areas.

It's important to note that laser hair removal only tackles the symptom of excessive hair growth. That's why you should still visit a healthcare practitioner to determine and address any underlying health issues behind the hirsutism. As mentioned, PCOS might be one of them, but others include menopause and endocrine disorders.

Is Laser Hair Removal for Hirsutism Permanent?

Anyone who guarantees you 100% permanent hair removal is being insincere. That being said, while we cannot pledge 100% permanent hair removal for hirsutism, we can guarantee fantastic long-lasting results.

All thanks to our investment in advanced technology. Laser in the past used to work well only on the darkest hair against the lightest skin. However, new laser technologies have made sure laser hair removal is accessible to everyone regardless of their skin tone.

This is why we use Splendor X from Lumenis, one of the most advanced and versatile laser machines globally.

As for the number of treatments needed to achieve satisfactory results, research indicates an initial series of 4-8 treatments at short intervals of 4-5 weeks, followed by several touch-up treatments per year. The actual number will be influenced by the treatment area, the severity of your hirsutism and your goals.

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