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We work with revolutionary Splendor X technology, offering 85-95% reduction in hair over the reccomended treatment period. Are you lookinng for a fast and effective treatment that is far less painful than electrolysis or waxing? Find out more about how we treat unwanted hair.


We offer laser hair removal packages specialised in dealing with particular areas of the face. All of our treatments are composed of 6 sessions, the reccomended amount for the best results.
If you have any questions about our technology or laser hair removal process, please take a look at our information page.
Laser Hair Removal at Dr Aesthetica
Area6 Sessions
Upper Lip£270
Upper Lip and Chin£450
Upper Cheek/Cheeks£270
Back of Neck£270
Full Beard Line Up£450
Front of Neck£510
Full Face£690
Full Face and Neck£990

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Looking to focus your treatment on your arms and hands? No problem, we have packages tailored to your personal plan for laser hair removal.
Area6 Sessions
Half Arms£510
Full Arms£630
Back of Hands and Fingers£270

Upper Body

We offer laser hair removal packages tailored to treating large areas of hair on the upper body. Let us know your individual goals and we can tailor a treatment for you.
Area6 Sessions
Chest and Back£1050

Lower Body

Among our most popular laser hair removal treatments are packages tailored towards the lower body.
If you have any questions about what is covered in our options for the lower body, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

With all of our Hollywood Bikini packages we are now offering FREE UNDERARM HAIR REMOVAL usually worth £390

Area6 Sessions
Brazillian Bikini£450
Hollywood Bikini*£630
Brazillian/Hollywood and Buttocks£870
Lower Leg/Half Leg£750
Full Legs£1230
Half Leg and Bikini Line£1050
Full Leg and Bikini Line£1530
Full Leg, Bikini Line and Underarm£1830
Feet and Toes£270

Full Body

We offer total laser hair removal packages, giving a comprehensive treatment for all parts of the body.
Area6 Sessions
Full Body£2700
Full Body and Full Face£3000

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