Back/Chest Acne

Formation of pimples and inflammation on the Back/Chest of the body

Chest and Back acne can be caused by a variety of factors such as excessive sweating, using skincare products not suited to you and hormonal imbalances.
At Dr Aesthetica we work with you to determine the cause of your acne and use a variety of treatments from medical grade skin peels, microneedling and homecare to reduce the inflammation in your skin

  • Alongside skin treatments we advise on behavioural and lifestyle changes that can assist in the reduction acne
  • All treatments tailored to your unique needs and requirements.
  • All treatment performed by trained professionals in a sterile, safe environment.
  • We have a wealth of experience treating acne in all skin tones and types

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Back/Chest Acne

Other than our faces, the back and chest are often the most acne-prone areas and can be some of the most stubborn and challenging to tackle. Specific areas like the back and chest naturally have elevated levels of sebum production; hence, Acne tends to accumulate here. The back is especially prone to acne scarring and pigmentation, often leaving most people self-conscious. Especially when warmer months roll around, and they start reaching for those off-the-shoulder tops and summer outfits. The good news is even if you fall into this category, there are steps you can take today to deal with your back acne.

Back/Chest Acne Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Back/Chest Acne?

The causes are very similar to those of Facial Acne. These are excess sebum production, the build-up of dead skin cells on pores, and P. acnes bacteria. A variety of factors can trigger these main causes of Back and Chest acne. Some common ones include:
● Excessive sweating (during summer months or for those who work out regularly) results in moist, damp clothing, promoting the build-up of acne bacteria on the back.
● Using the wrong products that create blockage on the pores. The skin around your chest and neck, just like your face, is delicate and can be sensitive to skincare products.
● An increase in stress hormones or those found in foodstuff like dairy can cause the glands that produce sebum to go into overdrive.
● Because sebum production is linked to our hormones, some people might be more prone to the condition than others.

How Do I Avoid The Occurrence of Back/Chest Acne?

To prevent chest or back acne from occurring or returning, it’s essential to know what causes it in the first place and minimise the triggers.
Possible remedies you can try at home:

● Shower as soon as possible after exercise. Bacteria love warm, moist conditions so it is important to remove your workout clothes as soon as possible and keep your skin is sweat-free and clean.
● Don’t pick, squeeze or scratch your acne spots. This increases inflammation and can open up the skin to even more harmful bacteria, potentially causing infections and scarring.
● Change your beddings and towels regularly. These can collect oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and residue from your hair, skin, and body products.
● Wear natural fibres that are breathable (cotton being the preferred choice).
● If you’re prone to getting lots of acne spots or blackheads, using a scrub a couple of times a week in the shower may be effective.

Sometimes these simple home remedies might not be sufficient. If you’ve tried all of these things and are still struggling to get on top of your breakouts, it’s probably time to get professional help.

Can You Help Get Rid of My Back/Chest Acne?

Suppose your Back or Chest Acne persists despite the self-care solutions or you have acne scarring. In that case, it’s best to talk to a professional. At Dr Aesthetica, we recommend Skin Peels or Microneedling for acne treatment. All of our SkinPeel products are sourced from AlumierMD—a revolutionary range of clinically proven and high-grade products that can be hyper-customised and tailored to your skin concerns.

For microneedling, we use SkinPen Precision, a device that has met all FDA requirements. There is minimal downtime with both these treatments. Before the procedure, our skin specialist will discuss all the benefits with you and answer any questions you might have. Also, an aftercare kit is given post-treatment, and it’s always best to use it as instructed for the best results. Book your appointment today!

How Do I Find The Right Products?

Sometimes all you might need is to find the right skincare products for your skin. Many people have been frustrated and even make their Acne worse by using the wrong products. Alumier MD’s extensive range of homecare products offers some excellent options for treating back or chest acne. However, this is a specialist medical-grade skincare line, and their products can not be bought over the counter. The great news is that Dr Aesthetica is a registered stockist of AlumierMD products. This means you can buy from us directly at our clinic, or we can sign you up to our exclusive online portal. And if you need any extra assistance, we are here to help you determine the ideal products for your specific acne situation.

Treatment for Back/Chest Acne

Whether it’s Skin Peels, Microneedling or AlumierMD’s home-based care, these professional treatments offer, by far, the fastest and most effective solutions to getting rid of Chest or Back Acne fast!.

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