About Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty has various other names and can often be referred to as the “No Surgery Nose Job”, “3 Point Rhino”, “Nose tip surgery”, “No-Knife Nose job” and “Injection Rhinoplasty”, to name a few.

This procedure uses Dermal Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid) and – as the previous terms suggest – is non-surgical.  More importantly, this is a medical procedure and therefore, only registered practitioners such as doctors should perform these treatments.

These Dermal Fillers can be used to:

  • Straighten and fill bumps or divets on the nose
  • Heighten and point the tip of the nose
  • Correct nose positioning
  • Soften the appearance of the bridge
  • Minor reduction of nostril size

The nose is a key part to the balance of an individual’s face.  However, this procedure will not decrease the size of the nose.  Making the nose proportionate to the face can enhance and harmonise it with the other facial features.  Even the most minor of changes to the nose can make a great difference to the general look of the face.

This procedure can also be used to correct defects such as correcting a retracted columella that causes breathing problems.

This procedure is a fantastic, affordable option for those that do not want to go under the knife.  After having this treatment, there is no down-time, meaning that normal activities can be resumed.  This non-surgical Rhinoplasty can last around on average from 12 to 18 months, where the Hyaluronic Acid is naturally absorbed by the body and broken down.  Results will vary person to person due to the skin’s natural genetic make up.

How our Dermal Filler treatments work

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    Your initial consultation with Dr Aesthetica will consist of evaluating your full medical history and lifestyle including whether previous treatments have been undertaken and what your expectations are from the treatment itself. This will determine whether you are a safe candidate for Dermal Fillers.

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    A topical anaesthetic will be applied before treatment begins, to make the procedure more comfortable. The treatment itself will last around 30 to 45 minutes depending on which areas of the nose are being treated.  After treatment, Dr Aesthetica will provide you with after-care information.

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    Recovery is dependent on person to person. It can take up to around 48 hours to make a full recovery. In this time, you may experience sensitivity for up to 24 hours.  Though swelling and/or bruising can be present, this is usually minimal. You will need to refrain from touching or rubbing the treated areas for around 12 hours.  It is also advised that make up should not be worn for at least 12 hours.

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    Results are immediate and visible once the treatment has been completed.  These results will last around 12 to 18 months in which time, the Hyaluronic Acid will be naturally absorbed by the body and broken down.  Results will vary person to person due to the skin’s natural genetic make-up.