15th December 2018

What Are The Benefits of Under Eye Fillers?

While the tension between looking and feeling old is long-running, it's vital to always feel good about how you look. While aging isn't something to fear, many people prefer to look young for their work or their romantic lives. If this is the case, under eye filler helps make you feel excited and refreshed instead of fearing how you look as you age.

If you want to have a confident, excited, and refreshed look, check out our guide to tear troughs and under eye treatments.

Learn About Tear Troughs

While you might have never called them by this name, you've probably noticed your tear troughs before. The tear troughs are the part under your eye from the inner corner arching down. They're another part of your body that changes over time.

The real term for them is the nasojugal groove and they help to cash a shadow under your eyes. Whether you've noticed them or not, the dark circles that they cast under your eyes create a worn-out look. Those dark circles contribute to a face that looks older than it is.

If your tear troughs become sunken, those semicircles add years to your look, which isn't what a lot of people are going for. The visible separation created by tear troughs break the smoothness of your face from your lower eyelid to your cheek.

With tear troughs, other treatments or services end up being undermined. Work that's done to prevent looking tired or older is made unnecessary or less impactful.

Why You Get Them?

Tear troughs are a natural part of aging for many people. However, most celebrities have them dealt with to look younger. Thankfully, you can look just as alive and refreshed as a celebrity with treatment.

The skin that's under your eyes needs to be thin and delicate in order to conform to all of the muscular movements that you put it through. However, where the thicker elements of your skin can weather the impact of aging and distress, tear troughs quickly and easily appear. For some people, it's the first place they notice the changes in their face as they age.

The tissue volume under your eyes changes over time. It's laxity dissolves and then you lose volume which ends up making the troughs more prominent. As your skin changes and the skin around your face moves around, this is a place where you need to pay attention and seek help.

Fat around your face and specifically at your tear troughs ends up becoming displaced behind your eye. This fat even creates eye bulges over time. If it's severe for you, this accentuates aging behind around your eyes, one of the first places that people notice.

What About Under Eye Filler?

Under eye filler is one of the best ways to ensure that your tear troughs don't become a problem. Filler treatments are one of the most successful tear trough treatments around. With the help of hyaluronic acid, this dermal filler ensures that you have the appearance you're looking for under and around your eyes.

There are hollow places that emerge with age and cause you to look tired or older. Eye filler integrates with your skin in order to revive that smooth surface that you once had. Dark shadows and circles disappear with the help of this treatment.

Talk to most dermatologists and plastic surgeons and they'll know all about these treatments. If you've been wary about botox, no need to worry. This is a very different try of treatment.

You'll feel and look fresh, inspiring you to greet the day with more gusto and excitement than ever.

Wondering How Long it Lasts?

HA dermal fillers don't require you to have to go to your dermatologist or specialist every few months as other treatments do. They don't require regular maintenance, just a visit every year and a half.

The fillers that treat tear troughs stay in your body for 18 months without starting to break down. Once they start breaking down and leaving your body, you'll either need a new treatment or to try to maintain what you have.

Different treatments work longer than others. Depending on how long it takes for your body to break things down, it could stay longer. There are a few factors impacting how long the treatment lasts for.

It's Reversible

While most cosmetic treatments are challenging because they require lots of maintenance and have a semi-permanent nature, this isn't one of them. HA dermal fillers are totally reversible if you decide you don't like the results.

In some cases, people have adverse reactions to the treatment. If this is the case, the process is easily reversed, bringing your tear troughs back to normal. Talk to a clinician and you'll be able to get back to where you were.

The reversal only takes a few hours with the help of a chemical reversal agent.

Not just anyone can reverse your treatment however, you need to hire a trained medical professional for that. Doctors, dentists, and nurses have the training for giving you reversal medication. Choose your clinician carefully before you get your first treatment so that you can have your filler reversed by the same person if you choose.

Get the Look You Want Today

If you're thinking about under eye filler as a way to look younger, feel more confident, or seem refreshed, you're not going to regret it. It's a fantastic way to ensure that you never hear "you look tired" ever again.

If you'd prefer a surgical treatment, check out our guide for more info.

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