18th November 2020

How to Prepare for a Non-Surgical Nose Job For the Best Results

You have read our article: The Perfect Solution If You Don’t Like How Your Nose Looks and realized a non-surgical nose job is exactly what you need. Maybe you also read: Top 5 Things To Look At When Choosing Your Doctor and are now settled on the aesthetic doctor to carry out your non-surgical rhinoplasty. But there’s one critical step remaining before getting a non-surgical nose job, also referred to as liquid rhinoplasty. You see, liquid rhinoplasty is praised as being a straightforward procedure with little downtime.

That said, the convenience offered by this cosmetic procedure shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to make the necessary preparations. Every procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, has its own set of guidelines to follow. These guidelines ensure you get the best results as well as minimize the risk of complications occurring during or after the procedure. Here are four pre-treatment tips that can help you minimize downtime, reduce bruising and swelling. This will also help you heal faster.

Avoid blood-thinning agent in the week before the procedure(but there’s a catch)

Bruising and bleeding are common side effects of liquid rhinoplasty that often go away after a couple of days. But that’s not always the case. Some people are more prone to bruising and may take longer to heal. On the other hand, blood-thinning agents increase the chance of bleeding and bruising during and after your treatment. Though not life-threatening, the prolonging of these symptoms is often a nuisance for most people. That said, if you are on any blood-thinning medication prescribed by your doctor, you should not stop taking them. After all, the reason behind you taking these medications far outweighs the risk posed by them. 

But over the counter medication like aspirin or blood-thinning naturals supplements such as fish oil supplements, Omega-3s, Vitamin E, garlic, and ginseng are best avoided for at least a week before and after your procedure. Make sure you inform your aesthetic doctor of all the blood-thinning medication you are currently using so that they can make any necessary adjustments to the treatment protocol.

Make preparations for aftercare

In our article: 5 Aftercare Tips for Your Non-Surgical Nose Job, we talked about how you can keep your results for longer with proper aftercare. One of the most common questions we get is, "Can I wear glasses after a nose filler?" Our recommendation is to wait for at least 48 hours before wearing glasses, especially heavy ones. If you wear medical glasses, this is one thing you need to take into account before getting your procedure. Can you get an alternative like contact lenses beforehand? Or can you schedule your procedure during a time you won’t need your glasses as much afterward? For example, if you plan to spend the next couple of days at home relaxing versus when you need to be up and about working or running errands. 

Another recommendation was avoiding too much sun exposure and places with intense heat such as saunas and hot yoga classes for at least a week or two. Again it’s often difficult to cancel plans last minute. As a result, you might end up engaging in activities that might negatively affect your final results. But if you take some time beforehand to look into your everyday schedule and identify the activities or things that might interfere. You can avoid these to ensure you have a more efficient aftercare process. This will influence how quickly any bruising or swelling goes away and also largely impact your final results.

Make a few dietary changes

Try to drink plenty of water in the lead-up to your treatment, as this will help the skin be plump and hydrated before your treatment and assist in the healing process. It’s a good idea to reduce your salt intake for a couple of days before your non-surgical nose job appointment. Nose fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which binds to water. So reducing your intake of salty foods can help reduce the appearance of swelling after your procedure. Also, avoid caffeine and other dehydrating drinks or foods for about 24 hours before your procedure.

Say no to alcohol (just for a while)

Alcohol also acts as a blood thinner. So ideally, you shouldn’t drink alcohol for 2-3 days before your non-surgical rhinoplasty to lessen the risk of bleeding and bruising during and after your treatment.

Final Thoughts

Liquid rhinoplasty is becoming the preferred treatment for people seeking to change their facial aesthetics without undergoing risky surgical procedures. With these simple tips, you know exactly what to do to prepare for your upcoming non-surgical nose job. Still, wondering if non-surgical rhinoplasty is the best option for you? Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff today! They will happily provide you with all the information you need to make your decision.

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