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• Skin peels and Advanced Home Skincare 🧴

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Sam Pearce
Sam Pearce
29. March, 2021.
Had hyperhidrosis botox treatment with Dr. Farmah recently and saw fantastic results. He explained the procedure well and the injections themselves weren’t painful. I saw a 90% reduction in sweating after one week, and Dr. Farmah also gave me a two week follow up appointment. I’m super pleased with the results; this treatment will definitely make a huge difference to my everyday life. The price is also a lot lower than what many other clinics are offering. Would highly recommend!
Becky Coldrick
Becky Coldrick
16. March, 2021.
I've been visiting Dr Aesthetica for a year and a half now, and always look forward to my visits. The whole team are a real delight, lovely to chat to, and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I've had several different treatments, and am looking forward to trying some new suggestions. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
sunali purba
sunali purba
15. December, 2020.
I researched a number of clinics in depth and Dr Aesthetica was one that really resonated with what I was looking for from a clinic I wanted to undergo treatment with- professional, knowledgeable and thorough. I have had bad experiences in the past with a different laser clinic that I had undergone treatment with many years ago, where my laser was extremely painful and ineffective. With this is mind, it really emphasised the importance for me of doing my own research to understand what I was looking for from a clinic. To me the results of my laser hair removal are just as important as the experience and service. After my initial consultation with Kiran at Dr Aesthetica I knew it was the right clinic for me based on all of the knowledge shared , I was confident I would receive the professional treatment and experience I was looking for and I have received nothing less than that :-)Kiran has been really informative and has continued to be since my first consultation she has taken the time to educate me on the treatment I am receiving and ensures I understand the science behind my treatment. She has made me feel at ease and really comfortable throughout my sessions and has taken the time to go through everything step to step so I know what to expect during each session. She has been so patient with me as I initially felt very nervous anticipating the same piercing feeling I experienced at the previous business I was using for laser hair removal. However once I had my patch test and started undergoing my treatment with Kiran I was pleasantly surprised at how at how little the pain was in comparison to what I was used to, I would describe it to be pain free!I was even more taken back after seeing visible results after my first laser session on the area that had been treated. I noticed a significant reduction in growth after my first session which I was extremely impressed with. Kiran has been ever so patient and professional throughout, her attention to detail when carrying out my treatment makes me feel at ease. She is always very thorough and takes her time to go through aftercare treatment with me and keeps in touch to see how I am getting on after my treatment.Choosing Dr Aesthetica Clinic for my laser hair removal has been a decision that I wish I made a lot earlier! I am looking forward to completing the rest of my hair removal journey with the clinic. Kiran has been amazing and the laser hair removal treatment has been life-changing for me. I used to remove hair from my problematic area on a daily basis. After my second session my daily chore of shaving was becoming a distant memory- I am 3 sessions in and I no longer have to remove my own hair daily and I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin! All of the team at the clinic are so friendly and welcoming.As a very happy customer - I would highly recommend Dr Aesthetica!Thank you to all the team for making me feel like a very valued customer x
vinay basra
vinay basra
14. December, 2020.
I don't normally leave reviews, however on this note I have made an exception.Having my first procedure came with heaps of questions, all of which were answered in a calming way to ensure I would stop being nervous. The clinic was very welcoming and calming on the day of the procedure and I left with a smile on my face.Knowing about the other services Dr. Aesthetica offers, there is no doubt I will be returning soon.There was professionalism from the consultation all the way through to the procedure. Thank you
Heena Khan
Heena Khan
14. December, 2020.
I had the tear trough filler done from dr aesthetica and the procedure went amazingly well. I came to dr aesthetica with a insecurity and he made me feel so comfortable and I ended up with the result I have always wanted. Any after care advice or information I needed was explained to me in full detail and I built a close bond with them. I will always come back here for any treatments and would recommend this to everyone! I was unsure about the risks and this put me off getting the tear trough filler however, having done thorough research and meeting dr aesthetica it all went extremely well.
Divya Bharj
Divya Bharj
2. November, 2020.
Dr Farmah is very professional and informative. I feel confident in asking any questions and any concerns I have are answered honestly and truthfully. I have been for a top up for bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) and within the first three weeks I noticed my headaches have disappeared and my clenching at night time went away. Although this came back (day before my top up) which I was told was nothing to worry about. Either way, been a pleasurable experience and beneficial personally. Everything is thoroughly explained before treatment, and the staff are very welcoming too! Oh and the top up was included in the price of first Botox treatment which was a bonus for me 😁
Melissa Jacobs
Melissa Jacobs
28. September, 2020.
Amazing, went back for my follow-up this morning, Dr Farmah is very friendly, informative, and puts your mind at ease and listened to any concerns...would definitely recommend...the clinic is beautifully clean and staff are very welcomingI have left with my desired result, I am very happy, Thank you and will see you soon!

Professional face peels

Improve skin texture and even out skin tone with a face peel in Birmingham

Improve skin texture and even out skin tone with a face peel in Birmingham
From the popular facial skin peel (also known as a chemical peel) to treatments for the neck, décolleté, back, and hands, we offer excellent solutions for achieving a younger, rejuvenated skin with reduced pores and even skin tone.

All of our skin peel and care products are sourced from AlumierMD—a revolutionary range of clinically proven and high-grade products that can be hyper-customised and tailored to your skin concerns. Our consultants will advise on what treatment will benefit you most, whether that be a superficial or deep treatment.
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  • Skin Peel AlumierMD 3 tier peel
Procedure Time
30 mins - 1hr
Onset Of Results
48 - 72hrs
Risks and Complications
Redness, warm feeling, skin shedding
Back to work
Duration of actions
5-10 days
Not required

Face peels for acne

Face peels are a fantastic method of fading atrophic acne scars, reducing hyperpigmentation, and smoothing out the skin. Atrophic acne scars form when the skin is unable to regenerate itself. But chemical peels are an effective way to reduce this type of acne scarring. The exact kind of face peel to be used will be determined during your initial skin assessment with one of our skincare specialists.

Types of chemical face peel to treat acne scarring

Types of chemical face peel used to treat acne scarring include:
● Lactic acid peel
● Salicylic acid peel
● Trichloroacetic acid peel

AlumierMD products for chemical face peels

No matter the chemical peel we determine it most suitable for you; at Dr. Aesthetica, we only use the highest quality products to ensure fantastic results for our clients. Their products are kinder to the skin since they don’t contain any artificial scents, perfumes, or chemical preservatives such as parabens. That’s why we only invest in AlumierMD for this service.

Not only can you rely on beautiful results from this brand, but you can also rest assured that they heavily invest in sustainability. They are proud to offer:

● Recyclable packaging
● Products that are not tested on animals
● Ingredients that are chosen based on sustainability

Chemical peel frequently asked questions

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments applied to the face to treat most skin-related issues, for example, signs of ageing (fine lines etc), hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun damage, rosacea, pitting, and acne. They can also help with improving skin texture and firmness, even skin tone, and reduce pore size. Professional chemical peels far outweigh the effect of an exfoliating scrub or brush. That said, it’s important that you undergo a consultation with a trained skin care specialist, so they can determine which products and type of treatments are best for your skin.

How does a chemical peel work?

Chemical face peels work by removing the outer layer of the skin and stimulating new tissue growth. They target different depths of the skin depending on what you are hoping to achieve from each treatment. Superficial peels primarily target the very top layers of the epidermis (outermost of the three layers of the skin). In contrast, medium-depth peels treat through to the papillary dermis, and deep peels treat the mid-reticular dermis(the lowest layer of the dermis). Your skin consultant will be able to advise on which type of chemical peel will work best for your unique situation.

How much does a skin peel cost?

Our skin peel prices range from £75 to £125, including an aftercare kit. Please review our for more information regarding costs for your chosen treatment.

Are chemical peels safe?

Chemical peels are safe. However, like any other cosmetic procedure, they must be performed by a trained and experienced professional. Chemical peels can potentially have adverse results such as s scarring, swelling, infection, or discoloration. But if done by the right person, such effects are rare. Other than that, most people feel a burning sensation that lasts about five to ten minutes during the procedure. Also, you may need pain medication after a deeper peel to ease the discomfort.

What to expect after a chemical peel?

Immediately after your peel, the following responses are normal:

● Redness to the treated area
● A stinging sensation

The redness will diminish after the first few hours, and you may feel tenderness in the treated area. After a chemical peel, the skin is temporarily more sensitive to the sun, so wear sunscreen every day and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Within the first 48-72 hours, you may experience an increase in the shedding of dead skin cells. These will flake away themselves, although you will need to avoid touching and rubbing the treated area. That said, some patients may not experience any noticeable shedding of the skin.

Recovery time will vary depending on the type of peel you get and your skin’s response to the treatment. Your consultant will be able to advise on how long you can expect the recovery to take post-treatment.
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