18th June 2020

Skin Redness: 5 Causes of Redness on the Face and Tips for Calming It

What's making you red in the face?

Walking around with a red face can feel humiliating and uncomfortable. Fortunately, finding the cause brings you closer to a solution.

Keep reading to learn five common causes and how to treat them!

1. Extremely Dry Skin

People can develop dry skin from a number of causes, all leading to facial redness. Some simply produce less sebum than normal, while others spend too much time in the elements, like sun, wind, or frigid air.

Over exfoliating can also dry out the skin. The average skin type only needs exfoliation about 1-2 times per week. 

Whatever the cause, hydration is the solution! Profhilo Skin Hydration Treatments use hyaluronic acid to remodel and hydrate your face, which will reduce facial redness and provide you with a youthful glow!

2. Eczema

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, causes a red, itchy rash on the skin. It typically begins in early childhood and will come and go throughout the person's life.

Eczema often presents as red, dry, and itchy skin that flakes, peels, and even bleeds. When it pops up on the face, it adds emotional distress to the physical discomfort.

A doctor may prescribe medications for this skin condition, like hydrocortisone cream. But, like with dry skin, you can use hydration treatments and a good moisturizer, like Cetaphil to soothe it and prevent future flareups. Showering every other day, avoiding scented soaps on your face, and opting for an all-natural shampoo may also help.

3. Rosacea

Rosacea, a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that looks like sunburn or bad acne, can make you really red in the face. It often presents with little pus-filled bumps that can also cause facial scarring.

Red face treatment for rosacea also includes deep moisturizing along with protecting your skin from the sun. Laser therapy and micro-needling may help replenish the skin while derma fillers will help eliminate facial scarring caused by the condition.

4. Contact Dermatitis

This annoying skin condition causes a red face when you experience an allergic reaction to something that touched your face. Often, the culprit ends up being products with certain fragrances, preservatives, or harsh chemicals. Use a cool cloth to soothe it and then and switch to natural products.

5. Alcohol Flush

Getting dressed up to go out and grab a drink with friends should make a person feel good. However, people with the gene expression that causes alcohol flush probably dread nights like these.

People who suffer from red skin due to this condition do not possess the enzyme Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2, which helps break down the toxic component of alcohol, acetaldehyde, into its non-toxic counterpart, acetic acid. The toxin builds up in the bloodstream, causing the iconic flushing.

Can you ever enjoy a cocktail or two here and there?

The toxin does cause damage within your body, so you should avoid drinking as much as possible. Discover fun mocktails you can sip on at events! In instances where you want the real thing, take Benedryl ahead of time to help calm the flushing.

Red Face No More

No need to walk around with a red face any longer! Now that you know how to properly care for your skin in these situations, you can put your best face forward.

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