Turkey Neck

Tighten saggy skin around the neck

Natural ageing, exposure to the sun and genetics can cause the skin in our necks to lose it's elasticity, creating a more droopy facial profile and making us look older. At Dr Aesthetica our team use industry leading Radio Frequency treatment to tighten the skin in the neck area, we also incorporate the use of professional microneedling to induce collagen and elastin in depleted skin.

• Restore elastin and collagen in the neck area through professional induction treatments
• Industry leading radio frequency skin tightening technology
• Medically led team in a beautiful Birmingham clinic
• All treatments are tailored to your unique anatomy and requirements
• Treatment suitable for all skin tones and types

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What is a Turkey neck?

"Turkey neck" is a skin condition characterised by loose neck skin that's droopy and wrinkled, drawing unflattering comparisons to the neck of a turkey.

This skin condition can be embarrassing because turkey necks are often exposed with the simplest of wardrobe choices. The thin, wrinkly skin hangs down and creates folds that can be exaggerated by the slightest turn of the head. But thanks to advancements in cosmetic treatments, you don't have to resign yourself to wearing a scarf for the rest of your life.

It's important to note that, while this condition primarily affects middle-aged and older people, smoking and the use of steroids, among other lifestyle choices, can damage the skin, causing turkey necks to occur in younger people.

What Causes Turkey Necks?

While many people attribute the loose, wrinkled or sagging skin on the neck as an undesired side effect of ageing, it’s also been attributed to factors such as stress and sun exposure.

The skin is composed of collagen and elastin fibres, allowing it to stretch and go back to its original shape after being stretched. Over time, the fibres break down, and the elasticity decreases, causing the skin to lose its shape. As the neck muscles begin to weaken and the skin loses its elasticity, the skin starts to sag. Subsequently, the neck appears loose and wrinkled.

Genetics also play a role in the formation of turkey necks. If close relatives like your parents have sagging skin on their necks, you are more likely to develop a turkey neck. Another common cause for loose skin on the neck is rapid weight loss. Being overweight for a long time can damage the elastin and collagen fibres in your skin, making it difficult for it to snap back after weight loss.

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None, stay hydrated
Onset Of Results
Instant, continues to improve with subsequent treatments
Duration Of Results
Recommend 3 sessions, 1 session every 2 weeks. Maintenance every 3 months
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Pain Rating
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Turkey Neck Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Neck So Easily Prone to Signs of Ageing?

There’s no denying that the neck is one of the first areas of the body to show telltale signs of ageing--often even before our faces! But why is this the case? Well, there’s more than one reason!

  • The skin on the neck also has fewer melanocytes — the cells that make the pigment that protects it from the sun. This makes it more prone to photoaging (premature ageing of the skin due to sun damage)
  • But it’s not the only reason. The neck is covered with a thin fan of muscle known as platysma muscle. As you get older, this neck muscle weakens and folds, creating raised creases that contribute to the appearance of a turkey neck.
  • The neck also has fewer oil glands making it more prone to dryness. This may accelerate the ageing process and give your neck a more weathered look.
  • Lastly, most people focus too much on their facial skincare and forget that their necks need care. This common neglect is another main contributor to the development of turkey necks.

How Do I Prevent a Turkey Neck?

The most crucial step in preventing turkey necks is to practice good skin care. Since one of the leading causes of turkey neck is sun damage, you should wear sunscreen every day. Keeping the skin on your neck properly moisturized is one of the most effective ways to protect it against turkey necks and other signs of skin ageing.

Topical Retinoids, a type of vitamin A, increase cell turnover, which makes them a great anti-ageing solution. Remember, retinol is photo reactive and can weaken your defences against collagen-damaging UVA/UVB rays. So it’s best to use it at night before you go to bed. For first-rate skincare products from sunscreen to topical retinoids, we recommend AlumierMD science-backed products.

Remember that your skin is easily affected by your stress levels, so try to lower your stress as much as possible. Stress-relieving activities like meditation, exercise, and massage can help delay the onset of turkey necks.

What Are My Treatment Options If I Already Have Signs of Turkey Neck?

Many people are self-conscious about their turkey necks and would like to do something about it. Most people don’t want to resort to surgery as a solution, but instead a simple, fast and painless treatment that can be used long term. Fortunately, the right treatment can be found in the form of in-office non-surgical procedures.

The suitable options for you depend on several factors, including your age, skin type and the severity of the condition. Our skin specialists will discuss the various treatments available at the clinic and make the best recommendations for you.

Some of the options we offer include:

Radiofrequency skin tightening treatment has been used for many years, and its safety is well documented. There are no needles or any special preparation required. It is not an invasive procedure and is not painful.

The entire treatment takes less than 20 minutes, and often, you will immediately notice your skin is smoother, firmer and more resilient. Radiofrequency therapy promotes cell renewal and collagen production, leaving the skin looking and feeling more youthful. The tightening effect only gets better as time goes by. The treatment can be performed on the neck as well as any part of the face.

Microneedling with SkinPen stimulates the production of new collagen, resulting in firmer, tighter and more elastic skin. This has enabled us to achieve some really incredible neckline results for our clients.

While many of them are initially nervous at the thought of having tiny needle punctures on their skin, they quickly ease up after I show them how the actual SkinPen® works. In addition, we apply a topical anaesthetic to the skin prior to the procedure. At the very most, you’ll only feel a slight tickling sensation during the treatment.

Once the treatment is done, you may experience some redness and mild swelling. This is entirely normal and will resolve within 24 hours.

Who is This Treatment For?

Contrary to many misconceptions, neck rejuvenation is not just for women. Men are also candidates for these treatments. Generally, the earlier you begin treatment, the better the results. If you’re thinking about trying Radio Frequency or SkinPen® for the first time, what are you waiting for? Contact Dr Aesthetica to learn more about how you can improve your neck’s appearance and regain your confidence.

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