8th December 2019

How to Balance Your Skin pH Levels

Last Modified: July 30, 2022

Has your skin been feeling dry and irritated lately? It could be because of a particular product you used or, your skin PH could be off-balance. What is PH though?

In the case of your skin, the PH is the measure of how acidic it is. The best level for human skin is around 7. If something tips it over that then the protective acid mantel covering your skin will start to break.

When this happens, your skin will be vulnerable and more sensitive to the things it comes in contact with. So, how do you keep your PH levels in perfect balance?

We’re about to tell you. Keep reading for a complete list of things you can do to keep your skin PH where it should be.

1. Don't Use Bar Soap and Harsh Cleaners 

The first rule of keeping your PH balanced is watching the chemicals that you put on your face and body. Most bar soaps have a PH level of around 9 which is no good for your skin.

Whenever you go buy cleaners, flip the box over and read the ingredients. If you see things like sodium lauryl sulfate then don't put it in your cart.

Harsh chemicals like this will off balance your skin's PH faster than anything. Reach for mild cleaners and alcohol-free toners.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is a great product to use to balance your skin's PH levels. You'll need to dilute it with water before you apply it though. Mix a single cup of apple cider vinegar with four cups of water.

If you want to, you can put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on your face. It makes for a nice toner.

3. Don't Wash Your Skin as Often 

We're not telling you not to bathe but you should just cut back on the number of times you wash your skin each day. You see, every time you wash, the acid mantle protecting your skin breaks down a little.

When you step out of the shower, this protective layer begins to slowly repair itself. It takes a few hours for it to recover all the way.

What this means is, if you wash several times a day then your acid mantle is repairing self more often then it's not. That isn't good for your skin's PH at all.

4. Use Healthy Moisturisers and Creams 

When you get older, you'll need to take careful measures to keep your skin moisturised. Your body won't be able to produce oils as it used to which will result in a damaged acid mantel.

You'll need to keep light moisturisers and other skin products on hand to keep your skin moisturised and your PH balanced. Pick up products that contain coconut oil, olive oil, argan, or jojoba.

5. Be Careful with Acids

There are some acids that are good for your skin. Using products with retinoic acid, alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy, or amino fruit can help balance your skin's PH levels. If you use them the way you should.

Most of the products that contain these use a watered-down version that's safe for your skin. If you use it and experience redness or irritation though, stop using it ASAP. It's too much for you.

6. Topical Antioxidants 

There are a lot of harsh chemicals and pollutants in the air that can affect your skin's PH. You'll need to strengthen your skin against these factors with topical antioxidants.

Vitamin C is a good option for this. Even though it is kind of acidic, it won't damage your skin unless you're using other acids with it. If you're using other acid-based cleansers you'll need to stop if you want to use vitamin C. Applying both will be too much.

7. Change Up Your Diet 

You are what you eat. If you indulge in a diet that's full of processed, sugary foods it will raise the acid levels of your skin and offset your PH. You should be putting fruits and veggies in your shopping cart instead.

Spinach is full of antioxidants that make it good for your skin so feel free to eat as many spinach salads as you want. Low sugar fruits like bananas and watermelon are good food options as well.

Eating the food isn't the only way you can reap its benefits. You can make a vitamin-rich face mask out of strawberries, sunflower oil, and yogurt for example.

8. Protect Yourself from the Sun 

Getting too much sun can offset your skin's PH and damage it. This being said, you should never leave your home without sunscreen. This doesn't only apply for when you go to the beach.

Your skin can take sun damage from the sun shining in on you through a window in your office. If you don't want to put on sunscreen you can also buy skin moisturisers that contain sunscreen. Whatever you use, make sure that it's at least SPF 30.

Keeping Skin PH at an Optimal Level  

If your skin has been feeling dry and irritated lately then it could be because your skin PH is off. There are multiple things that can affect it from environmental factors to your diet.

Whatever the reason you need to get it back on track or else you risk leaving your skin vulnerable to the everyday things you come in contact with. Watch the products that you use and keep your skin soft and glowing for years to come.

Are you ready to get your skin back in shape? We can help. Go here to book an appointment today.

Post Reviewed by: Dr Baldeep Farmah
Medically Reviewed on: 8th December 2019
Dr Baldeep Farmah is the Medical Director and lead Doctor of Dr Aesthetica, a Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

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