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3rd October 2018

8 Ways To Stop Excssive Sweating

Roughly 3% of the population suffers from excessive sweating, though these figures are conservative. Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating all over the body. While sweaty hands and feet are unpleasant, most people suffering from hyperhidrosis worry about their armpits.

Although sweating is natural, there is a stigma against people who have visible sweat on their clothes. Some may think a person is unhygienic or nervous all the time. Excessive sweating isn't unhealthy, but this condition can severely impact a person's happiness.

Instead of panicking about hiding your sweat all the time, there are ways you can improve your condition. This article is going to walk you through 8 treatments on how to stop excessive sweating.

1. Switch from Deodorant to Antiperspirant

Deodorants are wonderful for most people. One swipe under the arms a day is enough to keep everyone dry and smelling fresh. Most people never have to worry about the condition of their armpits after they apply deodorant.

People with excessive armpit sweat can be consumed by paranoia and fear at all times when they are in public. Regular deodorant can't stop the flow of sweat. After a couple of hours, you might develop an unpleasant odour.

Antiperspirants are applied like deodorant, but they are more potent. While deodorants mask the smell of sweat, antiperspirants work to plug the sweat glands shut. Aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants combine with your body's biosphere to form a seal on your pits.

There are many antiperspirants available in the market today. They're a great place to start if you're just beginning your sweat-elimination experiment. If you find that store-bought antiperspirants aren't doing the trick, a dermatologist can prescribe an even stronger formula.

2. How to Sweat Less with Medication

Believe it or not, some medication designed to treat other health problems such as ulcers also have a side effect that eliminates excessive sweating. These medications work to interrupt your brain's signals to your sweat glands. Since they require a prescription, a trip to the dermatologist is necessary.

Keep in mind that medication comes with other unpleasant side effects. It can prevent sweaty armpits, but the rest of your body will also be dry.

The most noticeable side effect is a dry mouth, which makes eating challenging. Chewing gum can help your mouth produce enough saliva to keep you comfortable.

3. How to Stop Excessive Sweating with Botox

Botox can do much more than keep your face youthful. Botox injected into the armpits can lead to a 95% reduction in sweat. Botox works to block the nerves from communicating with the sweat-producing glands.

The best part is there are no side effects and the procedure only lasts 20 minutes. Your full results will take a few days to kick in, but once your Botox settles, you can enjoy staying dry for 8 months. When you notice an increase in sweat, you can repeat the procedure with the same results each time.

4. How to Stop Sweating with MiraDRY

MiraDRY is new technology that burns the sweat glands without causing permanent nerve damage. First, your armpits are coated in an iodine solution that illuminates where sweat escapes your pores. The doctor numbs your armpits then injects a saline solution that pads the nerves in your skin.

Afterwards, the MiraDRY machine suctions onto small sections of your armpit and applies intense heat that destroys the sweat glands. Although this procedure is over 80% effective, it is expensive, painful, and requires recovery time.

5. Hide Sweat with Armpit Pads

If the idea of taking medication or undergoing a medical procedure frightens you or your wallet, there are simple, natural solutions. If you worry about sweating in a social setting, you can invest in armpit pads that soak up any sweat and prevent clothing stains.

A strong, flexible adhesive secures the pads to your pits. People who swear by this method warn others not to apply any deodorant to the armpits before using the pads. Deodorant can interfere with the pad's ability to soak up the sweat while staying secure on the skin.

6. Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is a treatment that utilizes electricity passed through water to interact with sweat glands. It's been used as an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis for many decades.

Although potent, this solution requires many treatments over the span of your lifetime to maintain the effects. If you're dedicated to eliminating your sweat and you can commit to the upkeep, this solution is simple and safe with zero side effects.

7. Remove Sweat Glands with Curettage Surgery

There are two surgical procedures to treat excessive sweating, but both result in eliminating armpit sweat. Each surgery comes with a set of pros and cons.

Curettage surgery uses suctioning to remove tissues associated with the sweat glands. This procedure can be done by making two small incisions, which means a shorter recovery period. This method is comparable to liposuction, but instead of removing fat, the goal is to eliminate underarm sweating.

8. Remove Sweat Glands with Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy Surgery

Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy surgery is the most invasive and risky procedure to treat hyperhidrosis. This method should be reserved as a last-ditch effort if other treatments haven't worked for you.

When a patient undergoes an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, the surgeon destroys nerves that stimulate sweat glands. Since nerves can control several body parts and functions, this operation comes with many risks.

Each body can react differently to disabling certain nerves, which is why this surgery isn't often recommended. While this surgery can work wonders for one person suffering from hyperhidrosis, the same procedure could harm another patient without correcting the sweating issue.

Ready to Change Your Life?

As you can see, there are plenty of ways how to stop excessive sweating. Consulting a doctor can help you decide which treatment is right for your needs and budget. The best thing you can do for your health is to try to stay calm throughout this journey since stress can exacerbate your sweating.

Dr. Aesthetica is committed to helping people achieve a happier lifestyle with a positive body image. If you have any questions about how our procedures can improve your life, please contact us.

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Dr Aesthetica offers professional Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments in the Birmingham area. We aim to solve your cosmetic related issues with non-surgical interventions.
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