9th November 2020

Research reveals a third of UK women would get corrective surgery

Last Modified: July 30, 2022

We are living in an age of botox, lip fillers and liposuction. While a few years ago there may have been some stigma associated with cosmetic procedures, these days more and more influencers and celebrities are opening up about their comfort with surgery.

This has had a knock on effect, leading more people to turn to non-invasive cosmetic procedures in order to help with their insecurities. Dr Aesthetica has commissioned research to determine the most common insecurities for UK women, and to find out more about our opinion on cosmetic procedures. 

What bits do we dislike?

When asked their opinion, almost half (49%) of UK women said that they disliked or hated their stomach. In a close second, 40% said that their wrinkles were their least favourite feature.

When ranked based on the percentage of respondents who said that they disliked or hated this feature, the five least favourite features were as follows:

5 least favourite features

What bits do we love?

Alternatively, the research also discovered that an overwhelming 68% of UK women say they consider their eye colour one of their favourite features. Closely followed by just over half (54%) saying that their hair colour is what they like the most.

Eyes made a few appearances in the top ranking features, with eye shape as the third favourite feature, with 52% of women saying they either like this or consider it their favourite feature, and lashes being liked or loved by 50% of respondents. 

When ranked based on the percentage of respondents who said that they liked or loved this feature, the five most loved features were as follows:

5 most loved features

To change or not to change

When asked if they would have aesthetic surgery to change a physical feature (not for medical reasons) 32% of respondents said that they either had already had surgery, or would have it in the future.

Gen X Women, aged 35-44, were the most likely to get corrective surgery, with almost half (49%) saying they have had, or would have, a procedure. This is closely followed by Gen Z (47%) and millennials (36%).

% of UK women who have had/want surgery

What does this mean?

Dr Farmah, Medical Director and lead doctor of Dr Aesthetica, said in response to this research, “More and more women are choosing to opt for procedures to change features that they aren’t completely happy with. While it’s important to remember not to let our insecurities get the better of us, it’s also freeing to know that there are small, non-intrusive ways to change the things that we don’t like.

We always ensure that we run a psychological evaluation before we perform any procedures, so that we know that the decision is being made for the right reasons. It’s also lovely to see how many UK women love features such as their eyes and hair.”

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