5th March 2020

Your Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

"According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal is among the top 5 most-sought non-surgical treatments."

More and more people recognise the benefits of laser hair removal treatments. If you're considering taking advantage of this option, you may be wondering what to expect when your session is done.

Read this quick summary to learn everything you need to know about laser hair removal aftercare.

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Laser hair removal results after a first treatment can be dazzling, but they also leave your skin quite sensitive.

To make sure you come out of your beauty treatment looking you best, make sure to protect your skin during the recovery process.

Tanning of all kinds can be irritating to your skin for up to 7 days post laser hair removal.

Use plenty of sunscreen to help protect your skin from stray rays. But don't depend on it! Keep your sensitive skin away from the sun.

You'll also want to avoid artificial tanning products or spray tans.

What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a powerful treatment that requires your full attention. For a week or two after your treatment, avoid other skincare routines.

In fact, for 24 hours, you shouldn't even use makeup, skin medications, or deodorant on any affected areas.

For 1 to 2 days, protect your skin from the stress of any temperature extremes. Both very cold and very hot water and air can irritate your skin.

If you've been enjoying the almost miraculous benefits of microneedling treatments, this is certainly a time you'll want to take a break from them while you let your skin recover.

For as long as a month or more after treatment, you may want to avoid more intense steps in your skincare routine.

Plucking, waxing, and bleaching can all subject the skin to excessive amounts of stress and will need to be avoided for some time. After only a few days, you can shave or trim any hairs you want to remove.

If you have dark or sensitive skin, then you'll need to give your skin some extra healing time.

Itching After Laser Hair Removal

Your skin will almost certainly have some small red marks left over from the laser treatment.

These marks are entirely temporary and should be gone within 2 days or less. They may itch, but to ensure that these marks heal as fast as possible, it's important to avoid scratching them.

While it's best to avoid most skin treatments during your aftercare time, Aloe Vera can be an acceptable way to soothe your itching skin to help you avoid scratching at it. Recovery Balm from Alumier is also a great alternative.

If you're really feeling tempted to scratch at them, then using a cool pack can also help alleviate your itch.

Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best

We hope you learned something helpful about laser hair removal aftercare. To find out more about skin conditions and treatments available to improve them, take a look at our other pieces.

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