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Hyperpigmentation Treatment

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Tabitha Clements
Tabitha Clements
24. April, 2021.
The space is clean and neat and super personal and luxurious! A hidden gem.
Catherine Melody
Catherine Melody
23. April, 2021.
Best Botox in Birmingham! Dr. Farmah was a professional and very warm and welcoming. He also did fillers with her for nasal labial folds and best lip injections. What a great experience!!!
Leonie Sabrina
Leonie Sabrina
22. April, 2021.
Been coming here for a while now and I love it here! I've been here for laser hair removal and acne facials and microneedling :) I've never had a bad experience for any treatment I've had done and I always love the results! I will keep coming here because Dr. Farmah is the best!
Tiffany Gardner
Tiffany Gardner
21. April, 2021.
Dr. Farmah was so thorough, informative, and reassuring. This was my first Botox treatment ever performed on myself, and I used it as more of a preventative method. I started developing a horizontal line across my forehead and worried that it would become more permanent if not targeted right away by a professional. He makes it sound and look so easy. Very professional atmosphere and exceptional customer service. I highly recommend him!
Jasmine Lavrentyev
Jasmine Lavrentyev
18. April, 2021.
I had few sessions of Micro-needling with Dr. Farmah there. Very happy with my results! The aestheticians are super professionals and kind, the treatment is relaxing and I love to go to this clinic as my break time from work and stress. A little me time once a month for relaxation and beauty. Highly recommend!
Lanita Brown
Lanita Brown
15. April, 2021.
Highly recommend! I'm from Bromsgrove, and it is worth the drive! Dr. Farmah truly knows what he is doing. I was nervous because any alteration to the face is scary. I am young and have always had dark circles. No creams, diet, or products helped. I was impressed by how natural his patients looked. I am young, so I did not want the “filler” look. Dr. Farmah did a great evaluation, and did not push me to get the treatment. I truly think he did everything right: deep fillers, microcannula, Restylane. I had very little bruising and swelling, and I went out to dinner right after treatment. Overall, I would absolutely do this treatment with Dr. Farmah again. I look rested and refreshed, and it looks natural! Thank you, Dr. Farmah!
Terese Jay
Terese Jay
14. April, 2021.
I recently came to see Dr. Farmah after a friend had recommended me for filler. I have had a hard time finding a decent injector around Birmingham and was nervous at first. But my experience here was fantastic. My results came out better than I had expected and required less product than I had been quoted by others. Dr. Farmah was very professional and patient and did an excellent job of explaining my options between Restylane and Juvederm. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in botox & Fillers! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a term that refers to the darkening of the skin color more than normal— some parts of the skin get darker than others. This can be small patches of the skin or cover large areas of the body. Hyperpigmentation affects people of all skin types and can affect people at any stage in their life, right from early childhood right up to old age.

How did I get Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when Melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) produce excessive pigment (the substance responsible for your skin color). Over-exposure to the sun with inadequate UV protection is the biggest cause of Hyperpigmentation. That’s why many people complain about their skin darkening on their face, neck, and hands since these areas are often the most exposed to sunlight. Hormonal fluctuations in women caused by pregnancy or menopause have been known to bring about Hyperpigmentation. Also, certain medication or trauma to the skin — such as a cut, scrape, or acne—could lead to Hyperpigmentation.

Are there different types of Hyperpigmentation?

Yes! There are several kinds of Hyperpigmentation, with the most common ones being melasma, photodamage, and post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Identifying the type of Hyperpigmentation you have will help you determine what the best treatment is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation will present as dark patches or spots on the skin which do not disappear. They can appear to get darker over time, especially when exposed to sunlight often. That said, it’s always best to talk to a professional to be sure. At Dr. Aesthetica, our skin specialist will be able to determine whether you have Hyperpigmentation. We will carry out a physical exam and evaluation of your medical history to not only ascertain if you have Hyperpigmentation but also confirm what type it is.

How do I get rid of Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is usually harmless, but sometimes it can be a symptom of an underlying medication condition. So, the first step is to determine what is causing your Hyperpigmentation.

While it might not always be possible to get rid of Hyperpigmentation 100%, you can take several steps to alleviate the signs significantly.

These effective steps include:

  1. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or greater every day
  2. Avoid picking scabs or acne on the skin to prevent post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  3. Cosmetic procedures such as Skin Peels and Microneedling

Treatment for hyperpigmentation: Microneedling/ Skin peels

Depending on the severity and type of pigmentation, Skin peels and/or Microneedling can be very effective treatment options for Hyperpigmentation. These skin treatments are safe, have minimal downtime, and can offer excellent results. But they are most effective if carried out by a qualified skin specialist. Here, at Dr. Aesthetica, we have had great success with these two treatments. On top of the walk-in treatments, we offer all our patients an aftercare kit with instructions on how to use it for even better results.

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