Non-surgical Rhinoplasty reviews

  • Bump on nose correction with dermal filler

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty before & after

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty video review

Zee Moody

Honestly I can whole heartedly say I’m complete satisfied with how dr Farmah greeted and treated me for my non surgical rhinoplasty it was such a comfortable procedure compared to the other clinics I’ve been to and I didn’t even need numbing cream! He kept reassuring me, explaining and answering every single question I had. I would recommend this clinic to everyone, I’ll definitely be coming back.


Honestly, Dr Aesthetica deserves so much more recognition because they are genuinely amazing people and are very skilled in what they do. If there is anyone you should trust with your face it's these guys! Thank you so much and I hope to visit you soon for my second treatment! Without these guys, I don't know what I would do. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO CONFIDENT BEFORE! I would totally recommend!

Surj Singh

A great experience, I went in to my appointment nervous, after 5 minutes I felt very assured my nose enhancement was in the best of hands. Very impressed with the results knowledgable staff service exceptional doctor overall a very good experience highly recommended clinic!

Bruxism reviews

  • V shape Jawline with Botox use to slim Jaw and thin Face.

Jawline slimming before & after

Hayley Walker

Really happy with the overall experience I’ve received and also with the results. The clinic is very clean and professional looking and the staff are informative and friendly. I’m not great with needles but was put at ease, the treatment (Botox) was also comfortable. I will be returning.

Anil K

I've been suffering with painful teeth and jaw for years due to grinding of my teeth throughout the night. Id always been told by my dentist I had to wear a mouth guard which I actually felt made my mouth and jaw feel worse. After speaking to Dr Farmah I looked into Botox therapy for this issue and decided that I wanted to try it. I was told by Dr Farmah that I would notice changes as quick as two weeks which at first I didn't believe but I couldn't have been more wrong! The treatment is amazing and if I'd known about it years ago I would've had it sooner. I can't recommend Dr Farmah enough.

Rebecca Devvitt

Would highly recommend Dr Aesthetica. I have been having regular Botox and am thrilled with the results

Tear trough filler reviews

  • Tear Trough Filler for deep grooves under eye

Tear trough filler before & after

Tear trough filler video review

Amy Wagner

Decided to take the plunge and get my tear troughs done, something I've wanted ever since I was in primary school. Am so happy with the results, and even happier with my experience. Dr Farmah was kind, reassuring and professional. The filler was painless and I could see the effects immediately, I look so much more awake now. Have already recommeded to a friend who is interested, will definitely be back. Thanks so much!


I recently went to Dr. Aesthetica to have a treatment called "Tear through". I travelled from London to Birmingham! Best decision I made. He was very informative, professional and friendly, He made sure he answered all my questions and was honest about what needed and didn't need.

Extremely happy with the procedure. I don't look tired, my eye area looks brighter and I don't need to use concealer unless I'm doing full face of make up

I would highly recommend this place!!

Natalie C

I had tear trough fillers done which I had considered for a long time! He did such a great job and I was feeling very welcome from the very first second! I would definitely recommend him!

Facial contouring reviews

  • Bump on nose correction with dermal filler

Facial contouring before & after

Facial contouring video review

Fanni Balogh

Dr Aesthetica is amazing!!!! I strongly recommend to anyone this place.
I was there today to have fillers, and I was quite scared about the whole process but Dr. Farmah was really warm and professional. He listened to me what Id love to. Thank you, again! Surely going there again!


have never had Dermal Fillers before so I was a little nervous to say in the least !
Dr Aesthetica is very calming and makes you feel so safe, he really
cares how you are feeling. A very pleasant experience, professional and very informative.
I'm so happy with the results !!" and would totally recommend.
I'll definitely a be a regular.


Dr Farmah explained the procedure in detail and made sure the results were natural, but effective. The included aftercare ensured I was completely happy with how the filler looked; would definitely recommend to anyone who is considering this treatment!

Botox reviews

  • frown lines

Botox before & after

Botox video review


Im over the moon ! Very well informed just had my botox which iv been having for years but had not had fillers before & am so 🤗 with the results Bless You Dr Farmah & THANK YOU & Selina so much .xxx

Corrie Gardener

I recently had botox in 2 areas (forehead) with Dr Farmah. The consultation was excellent and everything well explained including all risks. The procedure was quick and painless. I returned 2 weeks later for a free followup which is included in the price of the treatment. Dr Farmah has been on hand throughout the whole process to answer any questions and concerns I have had (even seeing me for a second follow up). I would highly recommend Dr Aesthetica if you are considering botox, plus their clinic is absolutely lovely and so professional!


Botox rocks!! I have a few horizontal lines on my forehead. I'm getting older and they are becoming more prominent. I've always been annoyed by them and decided to finally give in to Botox. Wow - what a difference! Only thing I regret is not doing it sooner lol. I had zero side effects and pain level was low. Love it.
Dr anesthesia was very professional and really listened to what I wanted.

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