Non Surgical Jowl Lifts

Decrease the appearance of a sagging lower face

Jowls are the tell-tale sign of sagging, ageing skin in the lower face, drawing definition away from the jawline and leading to a frowning, tired look.

  • Lift your jowls and restore an even jawline
  • Reduce the appearance of mid-face volume loss and sagging
  • Industry leading techniques performed by medical professionals
  • Minimal downtime and pain-free procedures
  • Reduce appearance of jowls both in motion and at rest

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Sagging Jowls in the Face

One of the classic signs of aging, a sagging jowl can cause a lack of self confidence in a lot of older women.

What are Saggy Jowls?

A jowl (as it’s most commonly known as) is skin around the jawline that has lost its elasticity and droops down either side of the chin. This is why they are also commonly referred to as ‘sagging jowls’ but can also be known as the ‘sagging skin on jawline’ or ‘sagging skin on either side of chin’.

Treatments we use for Sagging Jowls

RF Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency treatments tighten the skin around the jowl area to reduce their saggy appearance and induce collagen in the areas that need revitalizing

Dermal Filler

Filler in the jowl and jawline area creates a more contoured, sharp appearance that combined with other treatments can completely reduce the appearance of jowling.


Microneedling treatments incude collagen and elastin in the skin, using it's natural healing factor to restore a youthful, tight appearance to the skin.

Full Face Lift

Sometimes our patients are looking for a more comprehensive transformation of the face, using a combination of treatments to lift and define features. You can read more about our non surgical face-lift here

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Sagging Jowls formed?

Simply put, it’s a very common sign of aging that happens to most people as they reach their older years. They tend to start to appear when we hit our 40’s, but they can even make an appearance for younger individuals. Sagging jowls along the lower jawline can become worsened with excessive smoking, weight loss, smoking and sun exposure.

Why do I have Saggy Jowls?

These horizontal lines across the forehead can make you look older and more ‘stressed’, if you feel like your forehead lines are taking away your confidence, the good news is they can certainly be fixed. They can be reduced or removed using Botox® to give you a fresh, youthful look.

How do you tighten Saggy Jowls?

There are two different techniques we can use to help tighten the jowl area and take away the ‘sagging effect’, at Dr Aesthetica we want to tailor the treatment to meet your unique needs, so during your consultation we can together decide what would work best for your face shape.


How long does the treatment for Saggy Jowls last?

Dermal Filler tends to last around 9-12 months, although with regular usage the time in-between can increase. Some have even found that their filler can last as long as 18 months before needing a top up.

What else do I need to know?

An average appointment for this treatment usually lasts around 30 minutes and you will start to see results in a week, and then optimal results can usually be seen in 2 weeks from the day of the treatment. There is also no downtime for this treatment.

Of course, there is always the option for a topical anaesthetic to be used – however most find that it is generally pain-free and don’t need it. Side effects of bruising, swelling and bleeding tends to be very rare.

Can Botox help Saggy Jowls?

Whilst some treatment centres do use Botox® for jowls, we use a combination of Dermal filler into your cheek area to lift the face and directly into the jowl to help even out your jawline.

We can also further tighten the skin using micro needling (also known as collagen induction), depending on your individual needs. We believe these treatments work best for tightening saggy jowls.

Treatments for Saggy Jowls:  RF Skin Tightening, Dermal Filler or Microneedling?

At Dr Aesthetica we take a holistic approach to treatment and tailor it to your unique facial anatomy depending on your needs.
Radio Frequency treatments tighten the skin, Microneedling induces collagen and Dermal Fillers create a more sculpted jawline. A consultation with our team will help us find the right treatment or combination for you.

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