5th August 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Derma Rollers and Microneedling

Last Modified: August 3, 2022

Remember when skincare meant washing your face and throwing on some moisturizer? The high tech world has invaded the beauty industry, and now taking care of your skin has become more detailed and more invasive. This is no surprise when you consider British women contributed £28.4 billion to the economy on beauty products in 2018. We all want to look and feel our best, so why not take advantage of the products that will help us get there? So, if you've just caught on to the derma roller trend, you're probably wondering what it can do for you. 

Read on to learn about microneedling and derma rollers for skincare.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a skin treatment where tiny micro-sized needles breach the surface of your skin, causing an intentional micro-injury that then forces your skin to react.

Microneedling is also known by the names derma-stamping and dermarolling.

How Do Microneedling and Derma Rolling Work?

Doctors use the micro-sized needles in their office, but you can practice derma rolling treatments from home. When microneedling is done in the doctor's office, those reversible micro-channels in the skin are a little more invasive and deep than from an at-home treatment.

A few things happen when you cause this intentional injury to your skin. First, once the needles have done their work on your skin's surface, skincare products, both from the doctor and at-home, can penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin and, therefore, work more effectively. 

Your skin also kicks the healing process into action, causing an increase in collagen production and elastin production. Simply put, new cells go to work to heal your skin, giving your skin a renewed vibrance.


You might be saying the following: "Needles in my skin? No thank you."

However, microneedling really isn't that painful. And in the doctor's office, the application of numbing cream is an option. 

Before getting caught up on how the treatment is done, consider its benefits. You love having fresh glowing skin, right?

Microneedling can give your skin a rejuvenated appearance. It can also help address several problems with your skin, such as the following:

  • Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Acne
  • Skin pigmentation issues
  • Stretch marks
  • Loose skin

For women with these skin-related issues, microneedling can feel revolutionary.

At-Home Treatments

The beauty industry was quick to catch onto the benefits of microneedling from the doctor's office, so they created in-home options. This is where you hear the term derma roller. 

The derma roller with the micro-needles allows you to give yourself at-home treatments. You can then use your regular skincare regimen following the derma blade treatment. However, keep in mind that the needles don't go as deep as they would with the care of a doctor. 

Understanding Derma Rollers and Microneedling

We all want healthy, glowing skin. Microneedling and derma rollers provide us with an easy way to get the firm, tight skin we all desire. 

For information on our treatments or to set up an appointment to learn more about microneedling, contact us today.

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