24th February 2023

8-Point Face Lift — The  Perfect Way To Take Years Off Your Face!

Last Modified: February 24, 2023

There is a new sheriff in town, and their name is 8-Point Face Lift.

This treatment, also known as a non-surgical facelift or 'liquid facelift', has received an overwhelming response in the UK and around the world. Instead of going under the knife, men and women today love the 8-Point Face Lift and are not ready to go back! Read on to find out why?

Ageing Is Normal But….

Yes! Ageing is a very natural process that everyone goes through. But no one looks forward to the signs of ageing that leave you looking older and tired. That's because, after the age of 25, about 1% less collagen is produced in the skin every year. Therefore, your skin becomes thinner, less resilient and more fragile. Also, the oil production of the sebaceous glands slows down, which leads to dryness.

But you don't have to sit back and watch your signs of ageing affect your appearance and self-esteem.
Researchers and medical aesthetics labs around the world are continually unravelling the mystery of skin ageing and making new breakthroughs in the fight against skin ageing.

As a result, it's now possible to address and even reverse some of the most significant cosmetic ageing problems while providing effective and precise facial rejuvenation.

What is an 8-point Facelift?

This is a non-surgical procedure that uses dermal fillers to add volume, structure and lift to certain facial features. This is made possible by using the latest injection techniques to strategically place the facial fillers in your 8 strategic facial points:

  • Hollowing under the eye area
  • Deepening of the nasolabial Folds
  • Deflated cheekbones
  • Loss of volume in the midface
  • Weak chin
  • Drooping sad mouth corners (marionette line)
  • Heavy jowling
  • Poorly defined jawline

Hyaluronic acid - The Star Of The Show!

But not just any dermal filler can be used for this revolutionary treatment. For this treatment, we turn to hyaluronic acid fillers. This water-attracting substance occurs naturally in your body and is responsible for keeping your skin plump, hydrated and wrinkle-free.

However, as you age, not only does your body slow down collagen and elastin synthesis, but hyaluronic acid levels also decrease. The lab-engineered hyaluronic acid in dermal filler seeks to slow down this effect on ageing and reverse its effects.

By injecting small amounts of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers into the precise points of the face, we can achieve a lifted, renewed, yet natural look in just a few minutes! We do this by:

  • Defining & volumising deflated cheeks
  • Lifting for more angular, high cheekbones
  • Rejuvenating tired-looking, ageing eyes
  • Smooth & lift deep nasolabial folds
  • Lifting and softening drooping corners of the mouth
  • Correcting and reducing jowls
  • Shaping and accentuating the jawline
  • Transforms a weak, receding chin

Best of all, this advanced anti-ageing treatment can be exclusively customised to your exact needs. There is no 'cookie cutter approach' here.

The Top Benefits of the 8-point Facelift

  1. A visible, natural and aesthetically pleasing transformation. For example, patients who have undergone an 8-point facelift at Dr Aesthetica report that:
  • They appear less tired to others and receive more compliments
  • Their 'non-surgical facelift" is very subtle and refreshing, which has boosted their self-confidence.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines have visibly softened, making them look their own age.
  • Their face has become more defined and prominent.

2. It's a great alternative to a surgical facelift. Not everyone is ready for an all-out surgery. All those who opt for the Liquid Facelift do so for a variety of reasons. For one, they may have concerns about the 'risks and complications' of a surgical facelift.

For another, many people are simply not willing to spend thousands of euros on a procedure that may or may not deliver what they thought it would. Or, even worse, if it leaves them no longer looking like themselves! If you're one of those people who prefer to look naturally refreshed and youthful without dramatic and drastic changes, the 8-point facelift is the treatment for you. Impressive yet subtle - that is the goal.

3. The 8-point facelift visibly reverses the signs of ageing. As mentioned, ageing itself is a natural phenomenon that affects every human being on this planet. However, it's the unwanted signs of ageing that we don't look forward to! Skin sagging, wrinkles, loss of volume in the face, sagging skin and loss of collagen are some of the signs of ageing skin. But stop! The 8-point facelift has proven to be one of the best ways to combat these concerns. Dr Aesthetica patients get visible results with minimal discomfort and virtually no disruption to their routine. Book your treatment here.

4. Banish that always-tired look. Whether you blame it on your age or your genes, dark circles, wrinkles, and hollows make you look gloomy and tired. What's more, many men and women complain of drooping, sad corners of the mouth that make a face appear sad, angry, or tired, even when that's not the case. The good news for you is that a liquid facelift is just what you need to look instantly refreshed, awake and alert.

5. It's a preventative solution for younger patients. So when is the right time to have a non-surgical facelift? This is the most common question among our patients. The answer is simple: it depends on you! We look at ourselves in the mirror every day and have a firm grasp of our facial features. You'll know when it's time; trust yourself! However, some of our treatments, such as Baby Botox, Profhilo and the treatment presented here, offer a good solution for a preventive approach to ageing for patients in their 30s.

6. A liquid facelift offers a pocket-friendly solution. Not everyone has thousands of pounds to spend on a risky surgical facelift when you can get a 'liquid facelift' for a fraction of the total cost of going under the knife. This non-surgical facelift is easy on your wallet and promises remarkable results without breaking your budget.

Book Your 8-Point Facelift Treatment

While the Liquid Facelift is a fantastic treatment, it also comes with some risks, such as an 'overfilled look' and even disastrous outcomes such as necrosis and vision loss.

Fortunately, this can also be easily avoided if you find the right doctor for you. At Dr Aesthetica, we have a lot of experience in performing this fantastic procedure safely and efficiently. With the utmost care, calculation and caution, as well as an "aesthetic eye", our resident doctor ensures a harmonious facial profile. Book a detailed consultation with us, and let us help you look your great at any age!

Post Reviewed by: Dr Baldeep Farmah
Medically Reviewed on: 24th February 2023
Dr Baldeep Farmah is the Medical Director and lead Doctor of Dr Aesthetica, a Medical Aesthetic Clinic.

"We want to empower everyone who walks through our clinic doors, to be able to look in the mirror and see a happier, brighter version of themselves."

For everyone that walks through our clinic doors, you may think you are alone, but you are not. Our patients all have a different story to tell but all come from a similar place.
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